Net Migration 244,000 in just one year, 578,000 to UK

By September 2017 net migration was still hitting the hundreds of thousands, net migration stood at 244,000 in only one year.

While this is a little bit less than last year, it actually means  578,000 people came to the United Kingdom in just one year.

Any remainer inspired propaganda claiming that EU citizens would leave in great numbers is a complete lie. ONS reported  “There are still more EU citizens coming to the UK than leaving.”

Homelessness, London’s crime-wave, terrorism, imported gang-grooming culture, burdened NHS, limited school places and people struggling to get an operation or a simple GP appointment and our government wants to import hundreds of thousands more people?


Poll: 63% Of British Business Leaders Back Brexit

Many people will try and deceive you and tell you that businesses in the UK are overwhelmingly against Brexit, it looks like more propaganda from the remainers.

City AM reported, that 63% of big business bosses said they support Brexit personally. Reportedly 53% claimed leaving the EU would be the best choice for the UK overall in terms of the economy and even 53% it would benefit their company.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only the British that have a positive outlook on Brexit. The vast majority of business bosses in Germany for the EU in economic terms and the French business bosses  backed Brexit 71% to 29%.

This is after a survey of 2,500 big business bosses, it reveals organisations like CBI, who attacked Brexit and allied themselves with the remainers because of their Euro-fanatic ideology, these people are not the voice of the vast majority of big business bosses in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, the head boss of the CBI, spoke to businesses across the nation, attempted to urge British Prime Minister, Theresa May to stay in the Customs Union. These silly statements have not fermented very well given this poll.

Leaving the yolk of the European Union’s red-tape and protectionism is the best opportunity the United Kingdom has had in decades to become a fully-independent strong sovereign nation-state democracy again and seize the opportunities trading globally as a super-power brings to the table.

Petition Started: To Abolish Foreign Aid Target

A petition has been set-up  attempting to make the government abolish the foreign aid target of 0.7% GDP. Currently 47,281 people have added their signatures to the petition, if the petition hits 100,000 signatures it might be debated in Parliament.

The petition reads : “The Government currently spends 0.7% GDP on Foreign Aid. This means it will spend over £13bn of taxpayers’ money on projects which could be better spent at home. By 2020 this figure will have risen to almost £16bn. We believe the Government should abolish the 0.7% GDP target for Foreign Aid.”

In the icy cold month of December, Over 400,000 more young children and 300,000 more old age pensioners were living in poverty then there were 4-years ago, it’s disgraceful that 128,000 children woke up without a home on Christmas day in Britain. All this while our government hands away untold billions every single year.

the situation has become so dire in some communities that schools had to hand out shoes to students and do washing for parents because they didn’t have the money or facilities at home. Scarily some got Rickets which is usually associated with malnourishment. One doctor had this to say to ITV:  “You would not expect to see this in a developed nation.”

In the month of January, there were announcements that thousands of operations had been cancelled and they were turning away cases they deemed weren’t urgent from A&E as the NHS could not handle the numbers. veteran LBC broadcaster said:   “The NHS is getting the thick end of £3bn-a-week. I don’t think all the money that goes in is well spent. But this crisis is unprecedented. Tens of thousands of operations cancelled. Senior doctors will be at the doors of A&E unites across England and Wales to turn away non-urgent patients.

“But then we have £13bn sitting in a fund to providing contraceptive clinics in Malawi but we haven’t got enough to look after patients in Stoke, am I the only one that thinks this is completely insane?”

Wouldn’t it be great if the UK government could completely abolish foreign aid and spend it on sensible and practical things like our armed forces, the NHS, the borders, school and much more! This petition needs 100,000 signatures by next month to enter parliament for debate. You can sign the petition here.

Happy Valentine’s Day: Who Was St. Valentine? And What Is Valentines Day All About?

Valentines day is seen as a romantic celebration probably the most romantic day of the year, it has been heavily commercialised with people buying each-other expensive gifts things like Valentines day cards, flowers and chocolates. But what exactly is Valentines Day? And just who was St.Valentine?

Stained Glass Church Window, Depicting Saint Valentine

    St. Valentine

Well technically there were two or three but One was a Roman priest, the other was a bishop in an Italian city now called Terni.

The Roman priest, Valentine is believed to have been put in prison for helping the at the time persecuted Christians and for conducting weddings for soldiers, who at the time were forbidden to marry.

He reportedly repaired the eye-sight of the jailers daughter, unfortunately that didn’t stop him from being martyred and clubbed to his death in  AD 269.

The bishop was believed to have murdered in AD 273, but some sources indicate this is actually the exact same person. Some details are a little sketchy.

The reason the details are a little confusing is because Valentinus was a common name in Roman times.

The origins of the St. Valentine’s Day celebrations seems to have started out as a pagan fertility festival called Lupercalia. This fertility festival Celebrated in ancient Rome between 13 – 15 February, Lupercalia is said to have involved lots of nude people running around spanking the backsides of young women with leather whips, supposedly to improve their fertility.

Like most pagan festivals, the early Christian Church seems to have stolen this celebration.

In the year 496 AD, Pope Gelasius seems to have come clean by offically declaring the 14th February to be St. Valentine’s Day, now re-branded as a Christian festival of love!

By 1601 St. Valentine’s Day seems to have been embedded as an English tradition, as William Shakespeare mentions it in Ophelia’s lament in Hamlet: To-morrow is Saint Valentine’s day, All in the morning betime, And I a maid at your window, To be your Valentine.

The high-jacked now Christian Feast of St Valentine is held every year on February 14th for the Western Church, but the dates differ elsewhere.

The ancient Roman priest or bishop has now been immortalised as the Christian Patron Saint of   love, engagement, marriage epilepsy, plague, beekeepers and fainting.

Riotous London: Nineteen-Year-Old Teen Stabbed To Death In Streatham

Sadly another teen has lost his life on the streets of the mismanaged capital city. Outside a house in Streatham, London.

The nineteen-year-old man was reportedly involved in a disagreement inside a home address on Hopton Road  before he collapsed outside. The fatal stabbing led the teen to be pronounced dead at the scene.

A twenty-three-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of the murder of the teen.

The number of stabbings in London and around the UK are getting worse all the time. In the first month of the year Westmonster reported that six vile stabbings occurred in only ten days.

Just to the make matters worse, the government have cut the Met’s budget by  £413 million. Why does our government force police cuts on us while people are being literally cut down the streets?

If the world was to judge the United Kingdom by it’s world renowned capital city of London then they would look at us like a culturally segregated, crime-riddled and mismanaged disaster waiting to happen.

The UK Should ‘Walk Away And See How The EU Does Without The Money’ Says EU Diplomat

The United Kingdom should simply just walk away from the negotiations to see how the European Union does without the cash, and this is according to an EU diplomat as the EU begins to crack at the seams.

This is following EU negotiator Barnier revealed his strange plan and authoritarian demands on the issue of Brexit ‘Transition’ position. Chief Negotiator, Barnier wants the UK to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union, bow to the superiority of EU courts and rules and obviously the multiculturalist wants free movement of people and be forced to accept all the EU rules and red tape with no power to impact these things.


The scariest authoritarian demand and punishment clause EU Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union, Michel Bernard Barnier wants is that Brussels should have the power to ground planes and block trade if Brexit Britain failed to comply with the EU’s authoritarian demands while the ‘Transition Period’ is under-way.

The EU diplomat spoke to the Telegraph:  “Could anyone accept these terms? If I was Britain I would be tempted to say ‘no’   “I would walk away and then see how the EU does without the money.”

A source in Whitehall had their say: “My understanding is the French were cross at the lack of consultation on the so called legal document, which was really an aggressive political opening salvo.

“The Nordics and East Europeans are also fracturing the coalition. Barnier … fears having his legs cut off by the Franco/German alliance. Hence his belligerent tone.”


The British government need to stand up to the bully-boys in Brussels and stop accepting their endless demands. If EU diplomats think the negotiations and terms Brussels are handing us are terrible why don’t our political elite? The British public voted for independence and national sovereignty not to be a Vassal-Kingdom in servitude to the EU non-imperial empire. We need a real genuine Brexit in 2019!

Vile Grooming Gangs Almost Exclusively Pakistani-Muslim/Muslim, ‘84% Asian’ say Quilliam Foundation Researchers

Quilliam Foundation British-Pakistani researchers find that ‘84%’ of all convicted gang rapists were Pakistani-Muslim/Muslim or so called ‘Asian’.

The researches reportedly found that demographic background of the vile rapists that the people that abuse innocent children in a paedophile rings are different to those who act in evil rape gangs.

In many of cities and towns all across the United Kingdom, packs of mainly Pakistani-Muslim men have been systematically raping innocent young white British girls on our streets, under our noses.

Qulliam Foundation mostly focuses on religious extremism in the UK, decided to conduct a report on the ethnicity and religious-background of grooming gangs in the UK.

The report from Qulliam’s co-author, Haras Rafiq, told Sky News at his house in Rochdale, a town where a number rapists from a mainly Pakistani-Muslim background were handed custodial sentences for child sexual abuse back in 2012: “I’m from the heart of where one of the biggest high profile cases have happened over the last few years, and I’m saying it’s very important that we do talk about it because the problem won’t go away,” he said.

“We didn’t want there to be a pattern of people from our ethnic demographic carrying out these attacks. But unfortunately we were proven wrong.”

The researchers found 264 people have been convicted for rape/gang grooming since 2005, and of those vile gang rapists 222 or 84% were Asian but we know that means almost exclusively Pakistani-Muslim/Muslim.

Mr Afzal said:”British white men they tend to work individually. They tend to work online where they groom and they are the majority of perpetrators. When it comes to Asian men or Pakistani men they tend to do it in groups,” Mr Afzal claimed.


Even Pakistani-Muslims are finding that nearly all grooming gangs are from a Pakistani-Muslim/Muslim background and national grooming gang outrages like Rotherham, Rochdale and Luton cannot and should not be ignored. Why has the British government not acted on this information? Quran (4:24) – “And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. The Qur’an repeatedly condones slavery and sexual slavery. Islam is not compatible with British and Western democracy, law, people, culture or customs. Islam must be reformed if we are to allow it to exist in the UK, Europe and the West.