Henry Bolton: Theresa May isn’t going to deliver on Brexit, she hasn’t got a clue

Westmonster interviewed Henry Bolton OBE after he became UKIP Leader in Torquay.


The brand new leader of UKIP Henry Bolton OBE has said Theresa May “hasn’t got a clue” when it comes to Brexit and that her Florence speech showed that “she is not going to deliver”.


Just a day after the shock win in Torquay, Henry Bolton OBE vowed to lead UKIP for a minimum term of four years and he went to claim the country had “got lost in multiculturalism”.

He was also went on to point out his opposition to a time consuming Brexit period, he made it very clear absolutely opposed” to a so-called ‘transition period.


UK’s foreign born population surges

The United Kingdoms population in regards to those who are foreign born has almost doubled in ten years, reportedly 5.95 million foreigners are now living in the UK. Mass migration is the root cause of this massive increase.

The data reveals that 9.2 of United Kingdoms population are foreign born, compared to 5% in 2005.

This information comes from Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), revealing this scary trend of mass migration & the replacement of people.

While the Torys have repeatedly pledged to reduce immigration numbers down to the tens of thousands, most notably under David Cameron & now Theresa May. It’s no secret that mass migration has only got worse, successive Labour & Conservative governments do nothing to change this fact.

We need a government unafraid of political correctness & is against mass migration, not a government that repeatedly breaks key pledges. We need a limit to the numbers of people we take in it’s just not sustainable, hopefully a real Brexit will change all that.


Foreign criminals are not being deported because of jail cells being too small in Romania

British tax payer is funding semi-open jails.

Two criminals from Romania are not being deported because Jail cells are apparently too small in their home country of Romania. Oh we are not joking!

One of the criminals is a dangerous burglar who escaped to soft touch Britain to avoid a stint in jail, the other criminal ran a cannabis farming business, both had the same idea about fleeing to Britain.

Liberal leaning British judges made the ruling that the pair couldn’t be deported. Because metre square prison cell is against their human rights and would contravene the European Court of Human Rights’ rulings.

Former Home Secretary, now Prime Minister Theresa May once said “UK should leave the ECHR as it makes it harder to deport dangerous foreign nationals”, and now to everyone’s shock she seems to have dropped that pledge in her manifesto.

The judges also said “deportation to Romania would contravene the criminals “personal space” and they must be sent to a semi-open prison where they have smoking zones, unlocked areas for walking, phones and up to ten hours visiting a month.”

They will also be offered various educational courses & maybe even vocational work outside prison.

Who do you think picks up the bill for all this? Yes, you got it the British tax payer! Foreign criminals who are violent & commit burglary should never be allowed into the UK.

Dangerous terrorists using Human Rights to stay in soft touch UK

Radical Islamists walking the streets of the UK after Theresa May’s failings as Home Secretary.

In the latest embarrassing turn of events we look at the failings of the UK’s national security, a shocking new report reveals 40+ terrorists have used Human Rights Act to stay in the UK.

We know that The Telegraph have exposed Theresa May’s terrible failure as the Home Secretary, she was the longest serving Home Secretary in recent times.

Political correctness has seen many radical jihadists win their court cases & escape deportation. A turn of events that will shock many decent British people.

Theresa May is looking like a square peg in a round hole when it comes to national security, behind closed doors insisting European courts make the UK less safe, to go against her own personal views and include a commitment to stay in the ECHR in her controversial manifesto.

Once again Theresa May has shown herself to be a liability to the British public who anticipated a reborn “Iron-Lady”. Her track record & ability to act is atrocious! The British government need to start booting out barbaric, terrorists without fear of quotas & Human Rights.