Net Migration 244,000 in just one year, 578,000 to UK

By September 2017 net migration was still hitting the hundreds of thousands, net migration stood at 244,000 in only one year.

While this is a little bit less than last year, it actually means  578,000 people came to the United Kingdom in just one year.

Any remainer inspired propaganda claiming that EU citizens would leave in great numbers is a complete lie. ONS reported  “There are still more EU citizens coming to the UK than leaving.”

Homelessness, London’s crime-wave, terrorism, imported gang-grooming culture, burdened NHS, limited school places and people struggling to get an operation or a simple GP appointment and our government wants to import hundreds of thousands more people?


Riotous London: Man Stabbed to Death in Broad Daylight in Southall

Yet another man has been murdered in our capital city in Southall, London, how can anyone deny that London is completely out of control?

Unfortunately the 26-year-old man pronounced dead at the scene  in Halliday Square at around 4PM.

Scotland Yard has launched a murder investigation and a 39-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the murder and has been reportedly taken into custody.

London is plagued by an imported hard drug-pushing gang sub-culture and it has caused people young and old to be sick enough to use them during the day and they have little or no regard for human life. Lack of police officers on patrol, on-going police cuts and lenient sentences for heinous crimes do not help the crisis the capital is going through.

Why does London Mayor, Sadiq Khan do nothing while the people of London suffer?



Riotous London: Nineteen-Year-Old Teen Stabbed To Death In Streatham

Sadly another teen has lost his life on the streets of the mismanaged capital city. Outside a house in Streatham, London.

The nineteen-year-old man was reportedly involved in a disagreement inside a home address on Hopton Road  before he collapsed outside. The fatal stabbing led the teen to be pronounced dead at the scene.

A twenty-three-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of the murder of the teen.

The number of stabbings in London and around the UK are getting worse all the time. In the first month of the year Westmonster reported that six vile stabbings occurred in only ten days.

Just to the make matters worse, the government have cut the Met’s budget by  £413 million. Why does our government force police cuts on us while people are being literally cut down the streets?

If the world was to judge the United Kingdom by it’s world renowned capital city of London then they would look at us like a culturally segregated, crime-riddled and mismanaged disaster waiting to happen.

Three People Die Of Knife-Attacks In London In Just Two Days

Knife-crime in London and across the country worsens by the day. Three men have died as a result of being stabbed to death in London in the past two days.

A youth worker called Kwabena Nelson, 22 was murdered by a knife close to his home address in Tottenham. The sad irony was that Kwabena was a youth worker that worked hard to stop people in his local community from joining gangs and potentially killing people.

Hasan Ozcan, 19 was murdered by a knife-man or knife-men in Barking at around 10pm near Gascoigne Estate. People reportedly heard Hasan screaming for for help before he tragically died.

A man called Juan Olmos Saca, 39 stabbed in Peckham but unfortunately died six days after he was first admitted into hospital.

And even last night, a man was stabbed by a gang on Oxford Street as well as the gang attempting to steal his phone.

Knife-crime and a hard-drug pushing sub-culture are to blame for a lot of these recent stabbings and murders in and around the capital. It is spiralling out of the control. How much more blood needs to stain the streets of the United Kingdom before the establishment politicians wake up and smell the coffee? We need more funding for the police and more bobbies on the beat ready to protect the people from these sub-cultured parasites!

Much tougher sentences need to be handed to people that go around shooting and stabbing people so it sends a clear message that we are serious about upholding law and order in this great country.

London Gun Crime Chaos: 44% Increase In Offences Since 2014, Guns Being Shipped In From Eastern Europe

The London Assembly report is scary stuff.  London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee conducted a study and found that gun related offences have surged by 44% in London the capital city of the UK since 2014. With ever increasing numbers of guns are being shipped in from all across the globe.

The report  exposes that since 2014, the crimes in relation to guns in the capital city has surged by 44%. The report also tells us that in 2017 452 non-lethal firearms were fired and 318 lethal-firearms were fired. How disgraceful is that?

In 2017 59% of gun crime offenders were aged 25 or younger and young people made up nearly a third of gun crime victims. We are being left with a lawless capital city and an extremely disenfranchised youth, something needs to change.

The report conducted by the committee also found that  a “small but increasing number of weapons originating from Eastern Europe”, yet another example of why we need to get a grip on our borders and leave the EU.

Gangs in London are responsible for nearly half of all crimes where a lethal weapon is fired the report also went on to note. This proves London is turning into a ghettoised multicultural nightmare of gangs, acid-attacks, gun-crime, knife-crime and terror. Sadiq Khan has a lot to answer for he is a failure as a the Mayor of London and an embarrassment as an internationally representative of the UK.

 “We believe that a lot of it (gun crime) is associated with the drugs trade and by that, I mean people dealing drugs at a street
level and disagreements between different groups of people in
gangs dealing those drugs.”

Jim Stokley, Temporary Commander, Gangs & Organised Crime, MPS

According to the report The two main drivers of gun crime in the capital are said to be drug and gang activity.”, how long will these arm-chair politicians sit there idle while the people in London suffer under the Sadiq Khan.

It’s abundantly clear that the government need to intervene in the chaos in London and London needs a new Mayor.

There needs to be more officers armed on the streets of London I don’t envy their job for a minute and hope the Mayor and government properly equip the MET for the job. We need the government to do something before London is engulfed by lawlessness and becomes a complete no-go zone.

Patriotic People’s Populist Media have contacted Lisa Lam, Communications Officer for the Police and Crime Committee report for a comment on the ethnicities of the gun-crime victims and offenders as it was not listed, we await comment.

US President, Donald J. Trump scraps opening US Embassy in London due to ‘Bad Deal’, London Mayor Sadiq Khan jumps in joy

Trump is expected to met with a mixture of cheers and boo’s when he eventually visits the UK. But it won’t be to open the new embassy in London.

The US President said he abandoned the ribbon-cutting trip to London because he felt the re-location was a “bad deal” for the embassy.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan commented on this revelation by saying that Trump: “got the message” that he was not welcome in London.

Trump had this to say about his decision on Twitter:  “Reason I cancelled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for ‘peanuts,’ only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO.”

Donald is expected to visit the new embassy for the US diplomats costing £750m ($1bn) in the Nine Elms area of Wandsworth, London.

President Trump has already visited France, Poland, Japan, and China as the elected President of the United States of America and he received very little or no protest at all.

Patriotic People’s Populist Media understands that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is now going take on the duties of opening the modernistic new embassy.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May was the first leader in the world to visit Donald J. Trump after he was inaugurated as President of the USA, and Trump just last week said  he “will be coming to this country”. So we will see if he visits the UK.

Sadiq Khan spent money provided by tax-payers to campaign against US President Trump’s election and has repeatedly attacked him and claimed that Trump  is“Not welcome ” in London.


Just a few hours after Trump’s announcement, Sadiq Khan responded with a silly statement. This is what he wrote:

“Many Londoners have made it clear that Donald Trump is not welcome here while he is pursuing such a divisive agenda. It seems he’s finally got that message.

“This reinforces what a mistake it was for Theresa May to rush and extend an invitation of a state visit in the first place.”

Nigel Farage MEP and former leader of UK Independence Party had this to say on BBC4 ’s Today programme: ” it was disappointing that Mr. Trump had called off his visit.”

“He’s been to countries all over the world and yet he’s not been to the one with which he’s closest,” he said.

“I would say it’s disappointing. But maybe, just maybe, Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn, and the Labour party planning mass protests, those optics, he didn’t like the look of.”

In November just last year, British Prime Minister Theresa May went on the attack over Trump re-tweeting tweets exposing violence committed by radical Muslims, even saying it was “wrong”. Trump replied like Trump would and said she needs to focus on terrorism in the United Kingdom.

Tory MP, Tom Tugendhat, Chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, had this to say to Radio 4, that Trump’s decision had nothing to do with the UK-US relations.

He then said “I think it more reflects the fact that other people criticise in French, Italian, and Korean and various other languages, and we criticise in English.

“And it’s much easier for him to read English. I don’t think he reads Arabic, but I may be wrong.”

Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary denied claims that the US Presidents state visit should be scrapped.

It followed claims in a brand new book, by Michael Wolff about the US President, Trump that he should use the state visit to “Trumpalise the Queen and Buckingham Palace”.

Former London Mayor now Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson told MP’s:

“I think Her Majesty the Queen is well capable of taking this American president – or indeed any American president – in her stride, as she has done over six remarkable decades.

“She has seen them come and she has seen them go.”

Violence is surging in London due to Somali & Congolese migrants

This new level of violence that has taken London by storm is a lot to do with Congolese & Somali immigrants, former gang member reports.

London is being plauged by an increase in knife crime, with official statistics revealing knife crime is up by 24% in comparison with last year.

Ex-Gangster from Plumstead, Wayne says “In the last 10 years, since the Somalis and the Congolese came to London, they taught us a whole new level of violence.

“These people had seen family members mutilated so when they said, ‘I’m gonna smash you up,’ us guys would be shouting, ‘Yo blud, wot you mean?’ and they would just pull out a blade and juk (stab) you in the chest.

“It upped the speed and level of violence for us British-born guys. We had to arm up to protect ourselves. It created an upward spiral.”

It’s up for debate whether it’s practical to import groups of young and dangerous men from war-torn, third world countries that can bring this trend of violence to the streets of London.

The UK has no alternative but to boost levels of police on the streets & increase budgets otherwise parts of London will desend into no-go zones like you see up north & in Sweden.

It would make a big difference if the UK spent more money on protecting its borders so less dangerous individuals end up commiting terrible acts on our streets.