Poll: 63% Of British Business Leaders Back Brexit

Many people will try and deceive you and tell you that businesses in the UK are overwhelmingly against Brexit, it looks like more propaganda from the remainers.

City AM reported, that 63% of big business bosses said they support Brexit personally. Reportedly 53% claimed leaving the EU would be the best choice for the UK overall in terms of the economy and even 53% it would benefit their company.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only the British that have a positive outlook on Brexit. The vast majority of business bosses in Germany for the EU in economic terms and the French business bosses  backed Brexit 71% to 29%.

This is after a survey of 2,500 big business bosses, it reveals organisations like CBI, who attacked Brexit and allied themselves with the remainers because of their Euro-fanatic ideology, these people are not the voice of the vast majority of big business bosses in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, the head boss of the CBI, spoke to businesses across the nation, attempted to urge British Prime Minister, Theresa May to stay in the Customs Union. These silly statements have not fermented very well given this poll.

Leaving the yolk of the European Union’s red-tape and protectionism is the best opportunity the United Kingdom has had in decades to become a fully-independent strong sovereign nation-state democracy again and seize the opportunities trading globally as a super-power brings to the table.


The UK Should ‘Walk Away And See How The EU Does Without The Money’ Says EU Diplomat

The United Kingdom should simply just walk away from the negotiations to see how the European Union does without the cash, and this is according to an EU diplomat as the EU begins to crack at the seams.

This is following EU negotiator Barnier revealed his strange plan and authoritarian demands on the issue of Brexit ‘Transition’ position. Chief Negotiator, Barnier wants the UK to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union, bow to the superiority of EU courts and rules and obviously the multiculturalist wants free movement of people and be forced to accept all the EU rules and red tape with no power to impact these things.


The scariest authoritarian demand and punishment clause EU Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom Exiting the European Union, Michel Bernard Barnier wants is that Brussels should have the power to ground planes and block trade if Brexit Britain failed to comply with the EU’s authoritarian demands while the ‘Transition Period’ is under-way.

The EU diplomat spoke to the Telegraph:  “Could anyone accept these terms? If I was Britain I would be tempted to say ‘no’   “I would walk away and then see how the EU does without the money.”

A source in Whitehall had their say: “My understanding is the French were cross at the lack of consultation on the so called legal document, which was really an aggressive political opening salvo.

“The Nordics and East Europeans are also fracturing the coalition. Barnier … fears having his legs cut off by the Franco/German alliance. Hence his belligerent tone.”


The British government need to stand up to the bully-boys in Brussels and stop accepting their endless demands. If EU diplomats think the negotiations and terms Brussels are handing us are terrible why don’t our political elite? The British public voted for independence and national sovereignty not to be a Vassal-Kingdom in servitude to the EU non-imperial empire. We need a real genuine Brexit in 2019!

EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier Blasts: “Transition is not a given”, EU Continues Authoritarian Demands

Michel Barnier the European Union’s Chief Negotiator has continued his authoritarian approach to the Brexit negotiations by once again listing never-ending demands and the UK accepting the “transition period” and it’s policies remaining until after 2021 is looking uncertain.

Michel Barnier commented on the Northern Irish border and EU rights of it’s citizens in the United Kingdom: “the UK has to therefore accept the rules and obligations until the end of transition”.

The authortarian EU negotiator went on to state:  It also has to accept the ineluctable consequences of its decision to leave the European Union, to leave its institutions and its policies.

“To be quite frank if these disagreements persist the transition is not a given.”

The 17.4 million British citizens that voted for Brexit and independence from the EU and it’s never-ending demands must be outraged by this blatant act of bullying. The British government needs to grow a backbone and start telling the EU where to go with their unacceptable demands, we need a a real, genuine and hard Brexit.

Poland: Record-Breaking Support For Populist-Conservative, Pro-Sovereignty Government & Parties & Hungary

The most recent polls show us that conservative, anti-mass/uncontrolled migration governments and parties in Poland and Hungary are getting record breaking support as the EU non-imperial empire starts to fracture.

Almost three quarters of Poles, 73%, support their President Andrzej Duda and think he’s doing well, don’t believe us this is according to a study by CBOS.

Only 17% of Poles ‘distrusted’ President Andrzej Duda.

In another survey by y IBRiS:

The governing party of Poland ‘Law and Justice Party (PiS)’ would scoop up 47% of the vote if elections were held this week. That is way ahead of its political rival, Civic Platform (PO).

Poland’s left-wing Civic Platform Party. The former party of Polish prime minister and now none other than president of the European Council Donald Tusk. would now get a paltry 22% almost half of what they did before.

The overall conclusion we can take from these polls is that Poles feel generally happy with their Conservative government and parties, they have rivalled the EU’s anti-mass migration policies at every turn. The Polish government has also reformed their judiciary, to stamp out any seeds of Communism, and the EU so claim is a threat to their democracy.

Looking at Poland’s Visegrád ally Hungary, Hungary’s Conservative-Christian coalition Fidesz/KDNP (Christian Democratic People’s Party ) hit an eight-year record breaking high a Tárki poll Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán government attracted 62% of Hungarians. That is four times more then second most popular party, Jobbik.

In another poll, Századvég found Fidesz/KDNP attracted  57% of Hungarians and that is up 5%.

Orbán, is almost certainly going to get re-elected on the 8th April, he has been a vocal supporter of Western culture/democracy, safeguarding Europe from Islamisation and protecting Christianity in Europe and just as vocal with his opposition to the EU’s plan for uncontrolled migration and the replacement of European people with citizens of the third-world. The Hungarian Prime Minister thinks these plans have been orchestrated by billionaire left-winger and open border activist, George Soros.

Patriotic populism seems to have centred in Central Europe, with Czechia (Czech Republic) electing Eurosceptic Andrej Babiš as their Prime Minister, and the people of Czechia re-elected Miloš Zeman as their President. This caused an uncontrollable in Brussels because Zeman offered the Czech people a Brexit-style referendum on membership of the European Union during his political campaign.

The populist wave continues across Europe. And in January Croatia defied the EU’s migrant quota and joined the like of Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Croatia chose self-determination wanted to exercise right to nation-state sovereignty and safeguard their borders and chose who they allow in.

Then in Italy, which has been plagued by migrants from North Africa, is set for polls in March and Italy’s populist Five Star Movement are top of the polls and then there is the anti-mass migration League & Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia Party in third and fourth place.


Conservative-populism and anti-mass migration sentiment surges all across the European continent as more and more undocumented so-called migrants and immigrants arrive from the third-world and cause unprecedented damage to our culture, society and people.  We must elect strong politicians with strong policies on immigration, terror, culture, law and border controls otherwise we shall cease to exist as the Western civilization we all hold so dear.

Renew Party: New British Political Party Hell-Bent On Reversing Brexit And Being Similar To Macron’s En Marche!

There is a brand new political party in the UK which is hell-bent on reversing Brexit, reducing supposed inequality and becoming a re-branded En Marche. They are in the process of preparing to hold events in towns, cities and universities in the UK.

The new Euro-fanatic party ‘Renew’ has a so-called   “people-centred” approach which is somewhat similar Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche! and some would say it’s what secured him his victory.  This is not the only thing that makes these two parties similar. Renew claims to be at the centre ground of British politics and Macron claims the same in France.

The illiberal Renew party that wants to reverse the referendum that saw 17.4 million people vote for Brexit has somehow secured well over 200 candidates for local and national elections. Their first political battle will come in May in the London and English council election.

En Marche political figures will attend the events in London with Renew Party to give them advice and offer them support in becoming a mainstream political party.

 Renew Party – Core Idea https://renewbritain.org/core-ideas/

Stop Brexit – a second referendum 

Our country is divided by the EU referendum because many people feel they were lied to.

We believe a second referendum is overwhelmingly in the interests of both Brexit and Remain supporters. This referendum would be on the final deal negotiated with the EU, so the country can vote on the reality of Brexit and come to an informed decision.

With a hung parliament, an election could happen at any time. We will put pressure on all politicians to offer a second referendum by standing parliamentary candidates in every constituency in the UK.

The illiberal Renew Party seeks to become a haven for disenfranchised culture-less people from the younger generation who supposedly feel “politically homeless” after the result of the EU referendum and they supposedly feel they are an alternative to traditional political parties because Ms Khadouri stated they are “weak, divided and out of touch”.

Renew is apparently crowd funded but also supported by a single donor but I wonder how long it will be until the EU or George Soros hands them some cash?

The United Kingdom does not need any more EU-loving political parties we already have the three main traditional parties plagued with remoaners calling for a second-referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. To me it looks like a scheme developed by Macron, the EU and the Euro-fanatics in the UK to aide the reversal of Brexit and give the remoaners a fake grass-roots party that doesn’t resemble a globalist movement.

Renew will not help the working-class or working-class communities.

United Kingdom Must Exit Customs Union To Take Back Control, Liam Fox Declares

This comes straight after a report of a possibly government betrayal. Liam Fox the International Trade Secretary has reiterated that the UK must leave the Customs Union if it’s to become a truly global Brexit Britain.


Making his case in China, Liam Fox told Bloomberg : “It is very difficult to see how being in a Customs Union is compatible with having an independent trade policy because we would therefore be dependent on what the EU negotiated in terms of its trading policies and we’d be following behind that.

“We have to be outside of that to take advantage of those growing markets. One of the reasons we are leaving the European Union is to take control and that’s not possible with a common external tariff.”


Fox’s Brexit comments after reports in the Financial Times claiming Theresa May’s advisers were conjuring up a secret plot to formulate a deal with the European Union that would greatly hinder Britain’s sovereignty.

The British government are becoming increasingly feeble and unfit for purpose, this is just another day of mixed messages. Time stops for no man or nation the British people are fed up with the cowardly government Brexit negotiations or lack of them.

Authoritarian EU: Declares UK Can Have “Status Quo Transition Without Institutional Representation” Until The End Of 2020

It looks like the UK will not leave the EU properly until 2021. Sabine Weyand the EU’s Deputy Brexit Negotiator declared that the UK “status quo transition without institutional representation” until the end of 2020, maybe even 2021.


Basically it would mean that the Brexit the 17.4 million voted for would not go into effect. ECJ rules (EU law), mass-immigration (Open Borders), seemingly never-ending bribes to Brussels and no real ability to forge trade deals with the world until 2020. This is a disgrace and not what the British people voted for.

The people that voted for the UK to leave the EU and anyone with any real regard for democracy and self-determination will be outraged by this undemocratic “status quo” that essentially makes us a Vassal-Kingdom to the European Union. The Brits voted for freedom and independence from the shackles of EU tyranny but now they are being forced into no real Brexit at all for five years or more. This goes against everything being British stands for!