Denmark: Set To Be The Latest European Nation To Ban The Burqa

In Denmark The Danish Ministry of Justice released a statement stipulating that they are planning to ban the Burqa (full-face Veil) and fine people that refuse to stop wearing it.


The Danish Ministry of Justice stated: “In Denmark, we will meet each other properly – face to face,” And basically went on to say that in Danish society you must be able to see each others faces to identify them. Swedish media SVT reported. 

If the ban takes effect, it will also include balaclavas, if you break this law you will get a 1,000 Krone (£119/$166) fine if you repeat the crime again you might be handed a £900/$1,257 fine. There was talk about a three month custodial sentence but this was not included.


It’s a bit different from the Austrian burqa ban, that outlaws all full-face covering even silly things like Halloween outfits, The Danes will have a few sensible exceptions like wearing scarves and wearing outfits on special occasions.

Many burqa-wearing Muslims left Austria after the law took effect. But there has been some mild resistance like a woman reminding a Burqa wearer about the ban was attacked. 


Denmark will bravely follow the example of other European nations that have also banned the burqa,  the fully or in part. Countries like France, Holland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, and even some parts of Switzerland.

There has been some protest to the burqa ban like the foolish Algerian millionaire Rachid Nekkaz that has promised to pay the fines of burqa wearing women in Europe. The Algerian millionaire even made a pointless trip to Vienna where he broke the Austrian veil law by going around in a Halloween mask and was later arrested for breaking the law.

Rachid Nekkaz even visited Austria again and attempted to ten different burqa fines and even went on the attack at Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who formulated the original legislation for the burqa ban.


The burqa is an affront to Western democracy, culture, security and society it’s not logical to let people we can’t see travel around without being able to identify them for security purposes. It’s a chauvinistic practise for insecure religious zealots that want to control how their women live their everyday lives and keep them bound in servitude to the family and them, the burqa makes it extremely difficult for the wearer to become involved in normal society they struggle to find employment, friends and expressing their freedom and individuality.

The United Kingdom should follow suit and ban the full-face veil (Burqa) for three simple reasons:

  • Safeguarding British Culture & Society.
  • Protecting the rights of women and letting them express their individuality.
  • Security. It’s not logical to let people we can’t see travel around concealed.

Vast Majority of Muslim Asylum Seekers in Austria Want jokes about Islam Banned

A brand new study of Muslim migrants by Danube University of Krems in Austria. It revealed a big difference between typicial Austrian values & those from places such as Somalia and Chechnya, who hold much more Religious beliefs on society.

The survey, that was released earlier on this week, reveals a huge difference between the attitudes & beliefs from Muslim asylum seekers compared to the mainstream, secular Austrian society. 1,129 Muslims originally from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Chechnya were interviewed by researchers, with over 60% saying that jokes about Islam should be banned and roughly 25% saying that Islam should have some influence on Austrian law. Kronen Zeitung has reported.

The people that were interviewed attitudes changed depending on their country of origin. Take the Somalians that were interviewed 70% said jokes about Islam should be banned, after them Afghanis then Chechens. People from Iran seemed least extreme with only 14% saying jokes about Islam should be banned.

The Somalians that were interviewed also seemed to be most eager to die for Islam, with nearly a third saying they would. Somalians & Chechens generally agree Islam should take a major role in Austrian society, with 72% of Somalians wanting more Islam in Austrian culture and society.

The Muslim headscarf has been talked about a lot lately by Austrian politicians like Foreign Minister and Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) leader Sebastian Kurz, who was largely behind the law that brought about the banning of the full-face veil in Austria.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

Another big problem everyone is ignoring is that since the migrant crisis started the number of Anti-Semitic incidents that have happened in places like Austria, Germany & France, which are due to growing Muslim populations in Europe.

In Berlin some playgrounds you can hear the slur “YOU JEW!” it has become quite a common insult there was even one case where a pupil was forced to leave a school due to being harassed & physically assaulted by Muslim students.

The study showed us that 62% of Syrians, 55% of Afghanis & 47% of Somalians agree with the sentence “Jews have too much power in the world”. Hostile feelings towards Jews & Israel is very common, with almost half saying that Israel was the enemy of all Muslims.

Foreign Minister Kurz reaction to this study was by saying it confirmed his views on Islam. He said he would continue to advocate for the reduction of migration from undereducated countries and would seek to reform or shut down Islamic kindergartens and other institutions he believes are creating parallel societies.