“Communist Corbyn” claims he will be Prime Minister in six months

The ultra-leftist, Labour leader also made comments about scrapping Trident saying backstage when asked “as soon as I can”, at Glastonbury Festival.

“Communist Corbyn” made absurd claims that he would be Prime minister in six months as he apparently said this to Michael Eaves, Glastonbury Festival founder.

“I said to him, ‘When are you going to be prime minister?’ He said, ‘In six months.’”

The Glastonbury founder also quizzed “Communist Corbyn” “When are you going to get rid of Trident?” & he replied “soon as I can”. According to Somerset Live.

The delusional, undemocratic & out right stupid claim the Labour Party won the general election is beyond a joke, as Corbyn hinted at victory on June the 8th, by saying “It is pretty clear who has won this election.”



Dangerous terrorists using Human Rights to stay in soft touch UK

Radical Islamists walking the streets of the UK after Theresa May’s failings as Home Secretary.

In the latest embarrassing turn of events we look at the failings of the UK’s national security, a shocking new report reveals 40+ terrorists have used Human Rights Act to stay in the UK.

We know that The Telegraph have exposed Theresa May’s terrible failure as the Home Secretary, she was the longest serving Home Secretary in recent times.

Political correctness has seen many radical jihadists win their court cases & escape deportation. A turn of events that will shock many decent British people.

Theresa May is looking like a square peg in a round hole when it comes to national security, behind closed doors insisting European courts make the UK less safe, to go against her own personal views and include a commitment to stay in the ECHR in her controversial manifesto.

Once again Theresa May has shown herself to be a liability to the British public who anticipated a reborn “Iron-Lady”. Her track record & ability to act is atrocious! The British government need to start booting out barbaric, terrorists without fear of quotas & Human Rights.

Tory govt to continue £13 billion foreign aid disaster

Why should we give away so much cash while more then 58,000 people are still homeless in England & Wales? Heroes like Roy Larner are still homeless & public services are stretched to breaking point.

The highly anticipated Queen’s speech made it clear the Tory govt had no plans to cut the 0.7% of GDP foreign aid budget, Which means we will continue to hand over £13 billion each year to corrupt dictatorships & funding Indian’s space programme.

The government have repeatedly failed to keep to the to 0.2% defence spending target for our underfunded armed forces. Our penny-pinching Tory govt have also made cuts to the police, endured a NHS crisis and seen a large scale housing crisis!

Charity should always start with the the British people who our government have been elected to protect. It’s an outrage the government have gotten away with handing away so much of our money while we are suffering with so many problems at home.

I mean come on! We are the fifth-largest economy in the world but we are the second largest contributor of foreign aid, this is a betrayal to the people of Britain.


The scariest part is in terms of GDP, United Kingdom pays more Canada, Italy, Japan, Germany, France & even USA which pays less than 2% of GDP on foreign Aid.

Reportedly 55% of the people of Europe believe another will leave the EU within a decade

54% of EU citizens believe their nation was a better place to live 20 years ago.

As Brexit begins it seems to have sown the seeds of disunity in the Bloc of EU nations, according to the Chatham House report 55% of people believe another nation will leave the EU within ten years.

It also seems that generally people think membership of the EU has offered very little benefits, with only 34% of European Union citizens saying they felt they had benefited from EU membership.

Merely 8% of people believe politicians care about the publics opinion, so I very much doubt the Euro-facists in Brussels will take any advice from this poll.

As a new wave of populism rises across the continent & day by day people lose faith in Juncker and his cronies ruling over their Non-imperial Empire, they are dangerously close to being exposed for the paper pushing, arm chair politicians they really are! With an organisation that offers us very little benefits.

As a new dawn breaks on “Brexit Britain” others will follow to create a Europe of self-governing nations that trade together without political integration.


Open borders surges population, more then 500,000 in one year

62% of this increase was directed from migration.

The population of Britain exploded by more then 500,000 in just one year with 62% of this increase coming from net migration alone. These figures come from The Office of National Statistics.

The population of England now stands at more then 55 million for the first time in history. The United Kingdom’s population exploded to 538,00 by June 2016.

This increase of population seems to cluster in specific cities, towns or regions. The growth in the population of London doubled that of North of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Mass uncontrolled immigration must stop! Otherwise further degradation & segregation will befall places like Rotherham, Luton, Birmingham & Manchester.

We need to come together & accept the unsustainability of our current immigration policies. Public services and social cohesion is stretched at breaking point. With Brexit on the horizon it’s high time our government actually started to keep to their promises of bringing the immigration figures down to the “tens of thousands”.

Who remembers David Cameron’s “NO if’s, no buts speech” on immigration? My fear is Theresa May is another Liberal Conservative & will betray the British people the very same way.


Illegal immigrants promised accommodation after Grenfell fire whilst 7,000 Veterans are homeless

The Police & the Home Office have made a pledge of amnesty for any illegal immigrants possibly displaced by the fire. The illegal immigrants could end up in luxurious accommodation whilst our a Veterans go hungry and homeless.

The liberal appeasers from the Home Office made this pledge as they think illegals would be scared to come forward fearing they might be deported.

A spokesperson from the Home Office had this to say “We will not use this tragic incident as a reason to carry out immigration checks on those involved and those providing information,” The Times reported.  

The Grenfell Tower survivors may end up being moved to luxurious apartments in a development in Kensington rumoured to cost £2 billion.

This comes after “Communist” Jeremy Corbyn called for the seizure of private property to house the survivors of the blaze that killed atleast 79 people. Corbyn’s exact words were “Properties must be found, requisitioned if necessary, to make sure those residents do get rehoused locally,”.

Half of Britons feel like their national identity is under threat

Fresh stats from a poll concludes 50% of the British public who participated believe their national identity has been threatened in the last year alone.


If you were thinking it was just people from the Britain thinking this you were sorely mistaken. 70% of French people feel the same, and 52% in Sweden and even 49% in Germany.

It’s adundantly clear mass, uncontrolled immigration has made it harder for people to integrate on the UK and has even led to “No-Go areas” and segregation in many towns & cities. These poll results reveal that the “silent majority” is awakening in Europe and people are fed up of establishment ignoring them.

Europe must defend it’s self from multiculturalism otherwise we will lose our national identity.