Illegal immigrants promised accommodation after Grenfell fire whilst 7,000 Veterans are homeless

The Police & the Home Office have made a pledge of amnesty for any illegal immigrants possibly displaced by the fire. The illegal immigrants could end up in luxurious accommodation whilst our a Veterans go hungry and homeless.

The liberal appeasers from the Home Office made this pledge as they think illegals would be scared to come forward fearing they might be deported.

A spokesperson from the Home Office had this to say “We will not use this tragic incident as a reason to carry out immigration checks on those involved and those providing information,” The Times reported.  

The Grenfell Tower survivors may end up being moved to luxurious apartments in a development in Kensington rumoured to cost £2 billion.

This comes after “Communist” Jeremy Corbyn called for the seizure of private property to house the survivors of the blaze that killed atleast 79 people. Corbyn’s exact words were “Properties must be found, requisitioned if necessary, to make sure those residents do get rehoused locally,”.


Half of Britons feel like their national identity is under threat

Fresh stats from a poll concludes 50% of the British public who participated believe their national identity has been threatened in the last year alone.


If you were thinking it was just people from the Britain thinking this you were sorely mistaken. 70% of French people feel the same, and 52% in Sweden and even 49% in Germany.

It’s adundantly clear mass, uncontrolled immigration has made it harder for people to integrate on the UK and has even led to “No-Go areas” and segregation in many towns & cities. These poll results reveal that the “silent majority” is awakening in Europe and people are fed up of establishment ignoring them.

Europe must defend it’s self from multiculturalism otherwise we will lose our national identity.

Muslim council of Britain claim Douglas Murray is like Anjem Choudhary

This smear from the Muslim council of Britain is very dishonest & counterproductive.

The anti-Semitic “Muslim council of Britain” refused to attend the Holocaust memorial day between 2001 – 2007 & has since called for it to be called “Genocidal memorial day” instead. The Jewish community have criticised government links to this organisation. And MCB has even faced condemnation among Muslims in the UK.


Miqdaad Versi, the Assistant General Secretary of the MCB used recent events to compare Douglas Murray to Anjem Choudhary and knock any right wingers by saying on Daily Politics show “Many parts of the media spread this hate. You talk very much about hate speech being unacceptable and not tolerated and now we know the BBC and others will not have Anjem Choudary on the TV, despite having them on in the past.

“What about the same people on the right? What about people like Douglas Murray who just last week came on this show and said less Islam is the answer to terrorism.

“Giving a platform to people like that to spread their hate is unacceptable,” he concluded.

Douglas Murray for those who don’t him is a Author, Political commentator and Journalist. He is also the founder of the “Centre for Social Cohesion”, Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and associate editor the Spectator. He is probably the most intelligent, vocal critics of radical Islam in the UK.

The Left, Liberal & radical apologists using this tragedy to shut down critics of Islam is wrong & against our democratic values. The Muslim council of Britain should hang their heads in shame.


Marine Le Pen makes comeback after Presidential election loss, wins her first ever Seat

Euro-sceptic Marine Le Pen is elected to the French Parliament for the first time. After she won her seat in the National Assembly.

It’s been a difficult election for a lot of the parties now that Emmanuel Macron’s  globalist, EU loving movement is set to be a dominant force in the new parliament.

FN leader, Marine Le Pen has tasted victory in the Pas-de-Calais and will be able to serve by pushing for border controls & Frexit.

Only a month ago FN leader, Marine Le Pen faced off against Macron for presidency of France.



British government blames Muslim unemployment statistics on “Islamaphobia”

A report from the government has used “Islamaphobia” as an excuse for the high rates of unemployment amongst Muslim women in the UK. 


The Women and Equalities Committee made a report that said “Muslim people suffer the greatest economic disadvantages of any group in society” Oh is that the excuse for the over 50% of Muslim men, and well more then 75% of Muslim women being unemployed?

They complain they struggle finding employment when they wear Burkhas & niqabs which are culturally incompatible with British society and obviously hampers your career prospects. And needing to pray up to five times a day and fasting on Ramadan will affect your performance.

Muslim train driver, crashed while fasting on Ramadan 

A Muslim train driver crashed near Paddington station, London after he went through the two red lights, a rail expert even claimed he had not eaten anything for 15 hours.

Also Muslims in the UK have the highest birth rates among anyone with coupled with high levels of unemployment will leave the UK with a real crisis of disenfranchised Muslims who have no prospects or hope for the future.

Paedophile Imam abuses underage girls

81-year-old Mohammed Sadiq, Imam from Wales was convicted of indecent assault and eight counts of sexual assault on an underage girl, under the age of 13.

He was involved with Madina mosque, Cardiff between 1976 – 2006 its thought he could of taken the innocence of many vulnerable children in this time.

He was teaching children about  the Koran whilst he was touching underage girls, using it at his cover.

Mohammed, 81 year-old Imam from Wales even tried to claim the accusations of sexual assault were fabricated by various factions in the mosques community.

Mohammed Sadiq was even joined by his family in the public gallery, who didn’t seem to show any remorse as the verdicts were carried out.

Mohammed Sadiq, Cardiff Crown Court

Mohammed did escape one count of indecent assault at Cardiff Crown Court on Thursday.

In an interview one of the victims have explained how the vile Imam would recite verses of the Koran as he touched her “inappropriately”

The scariest thing one of the victims said was “”In our culture we don’t talk about these things really. It’s quite taboo”. Little girls or boys shouldn’t have to feel ashamed to seek help if they are sexually assaulted by a religious leader because of their culture.

Sadiq is yet to sentenced for all his crimes.

Mustafa Almansur, Grenfell Tower demonstrator, corbynite activist & possibly Islamist

Mustafa Almansur the organiser of Friday’s Grenfell Demonstration, during which angry protesters stormed into Kensington Town Hall. Mustafa is Corbynite political activist & was arrested for Terrorist offences years ago according to “Daily Telegraph”.

Mustafa al-Mansur, 39, set up a Facebook campaign convincing people from the local area who suffered due to the tragedy to muster at the council offices on Friday.


Demonstrators in Kensington

Mustafas brother stood as a independent candidate at last week’s election, he is also a keen supporter of Corbyn and is very vocal about it.

His demonstration led to chaos and violence. It was only a few days ago John Mcdonnell, Shadow Chancellor called for “one million protestors to take to the streets” and now vocal Labour activists are taking the lead on using tragedy to run riot and politicise it.