Schools Watchdog are going to meet with activists who want to see Hijab Ban in Primary Schools

None other than the Chief Inspector of schools in England is going to hear what Muslim activists have to say, and who want to see a Hijab ban in state Primary schools.

Amanda Spielman who happens to be Ofstead’s Head of Inspections agreed to meet women, who are very concerned about the sharp rise in children as young as four or five wearing wearing the Muslim Hijab headscarf after it was revealed that they are included in the approved uniform list of  ‘Thousands’ of Primary schools in the United Kingdom.

“Muslim girls as young as five are increasingly veiled and schools are sanctioning this by including it as part of school uniform policies,” wrote the activists, led by former Labour parliamentary candidate Amina Lone, in a letter to The Sunday Times.

There are eight signatories accusing the UK of bearing a “an abysmal record” of safeguarding young Muslim girls “who suffer under the pretext of protecting religious freedoms”, criticising the country’s reaction to “so-called sensitive issues such as female genital mutilation and forced marriages”.

“Islam does not require children to cover their heads, so this begs the question why are our schools allowing this in the name of “religious tolerance” and “Cultural Enrichment” the letter questions, its signatories branding the trend of young girls in hijabs “an affront to the historical fight for gender equality in our secular democracy”.

A source from Ofsted has revealed the watchdog had become extremely concerned at the sharp rise in the number of primary school age girls wearing hijabs, telling The Times: “We are looking at whether there is evidence that schools are facing external pressure to adapt their policies.”


One out of five unemployed people in the UK are migrants, official figures reveal

One in five unemployed living in the UK are migrants, official statistics have shown us for the first time.

The statistics show us that 317,000 migrants are unemployed, this includes 98,000 that were born in the EU and 219,000 who were born outside the EU.

The percentage of EU migrants who are out of work is 4 per cent, while the percentage migrants from nations who are not a member of the EU is 6.2 percent. The employment percentage of migrants overall is 5.3 per cent.

Ever since the UK voted to leave the European Union  the number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK has surged by a third to a record breaking 316,000 and  this will not stop until sensible immigration controls are in place.

Bulgarians and Romanians in the UK now make up one out six people whilst people coming  from other European nations has generally taken a small decline.

Many experts have generally agreed that there will a huge surge of migrants before the UK formally leaves the EU in March 2009.

Brussels ‘Propaganda Project’ Spending Nearly £3 Million to Destroy Euroscepticism

The Euro-Fascists from Brussels are spending half a million Euros on plots to destroy Euro-scepticism & reverse the democratic will of the British public who voted to leave, European Commission documents have revealed to us.

We know that the Times reported the funding comes from the near £3 million propaganda war chest that we know is responsible for funding 84 projects across the EU which sole aim is to “reach out to citizens who reject or put in question the EU and its achievements or remain indifferent”.

Many of these ”Propaganda projects” are funded if they swear to ”Challenge Eurosceptic sentiment”, ”adhere to a feeling of belonging” to the union, teach it’s people ”the benefits” of EU membership, and preach ”Politicial integration” across the union.


The Propaganda fund — that is sponsoring projects which are aimed at making the public “understand the cost of not being part of the EU” — was created in December to fight away populism and Euroscepticism after the UK & Gibraltar voted to leave the EU in June.


Ten propaganda projects are being backed by the Commission which we know directly involve the UK, mostly through local councils, with the funding being €539,250 this year, according to The Times.

The projects which are aimed at chaining the UK to Brussels have been blasted by many Brexit campaigners and Eurosceptics, with UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn telling The Times: “Taxpayers have already decided they wish to leave.

“It is insulting that their money is being used to fund indoctrination,” he said, adding: “The fact the EU’s leaders set such store by propaganda tells us that they are seeking to cover up a host of flaws, lack of democracy being foremost among them.”

The fact that the money is being used to literally brainwash our people into changing their minds is horrendous and something we should not ignore or take with a pinch of salt. When other European nations watch ‘Brexit Britain’ become a successful, powerful, loved & sovereign nation once again many others will follow so we can become a Europe of self-governing nation that trade together, become even better allies & help each other wherever humanly possible but we govern our own nations and decide our own laws.














Vast Majority of Muslim Asylum Seekers in Austria Want jokes about Islam Banned

A brand new study of Muslim migrants by Danube University of Krems in Austria. It revealed a big difference between typicial Austrian values & those from places such as Somalia and Chechnya, who hold much more Religious beliefs on society.

The survey, that was released earlier on this week, reveals a huge difference between the attitudes & beliefs from Muslim asylum seekers compared to the mainstream, secular Austrian society. 1,129 Muslims originally from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Chechnya were interviewed by researchers, with over 60% saying that jokes about Islam should be banned and roughly 25% saying that Islam should have some influence on Austrian law. Kronen Zeitung has reported.

The people that were interviewed attitudes changed depending on their country of origin. Take the Somalians that were interviewed 70% said jokes about Islam should be banned, after them Afghanis then Chechens. People from Iran seemed least extreme with only 14% saying jokes about Islam should be banned.

The Somalians that were interviewed also seemed to be most eager to die for Islam, with nearly a third saying they would. Somalians & Chechens generally agree Islam should take a major role in Austrian society, with 72% of Somalians wanting more Islam in Austrian culture and society.

The Muslim headscarf has been talked about a lot lately by Austrian politicians like Foreign Minister and Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) leader Sebastian Kurz, who was largely behind the law that brought about the banning of the full-face veil in Austria.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

Another big problem everyone is ignoring is that since the migrant crisis started the number of Anti-Semitic incidents that have happened in places like Austria, Germany & France, which are due to growing Muslim populations in Europe.

In Berlin some playgrounds you can hear the slur “YOU JEW!” it has become quite a common insult there was even one case where a pupil was forced to leave a school due to being harassed & physically assaulted by Muslim students.

The study showed us that 62% of Syrians, 55% of Afghanis & 47% of Somalians agree with the sentence “Jews have too much power in the world”. Hostile feelings towards Jews & Israel is very common, with almost half saying that Israel was the enemy of all Muslims.

Foreign Minister Kurz reaction to this study was by saying it confirmed his views on Islam. He said he would continue to advocate for the reduction of migration from undereducated countries and would seek to reform or shut down Islamic kindergartens and other institutions he believes are creating parallel societies.


‘UK to face decades more of jihadi terror’ so says former chief of MI5

The United Kingdom will face 20-30 more years of Islamist terror former chief of the MI5 said.

Lord Jonathan Evans thinks it’s a “generational issue” which has been exacerbated  by the Westminster Bridge attack, it was the first official terrorist attack since the 7/7 bombings in July 2005 which killed 52 people.

Evans had this to say to the BBC “I think on the terrorism side we are at least 20 years into this. My guess is that we will still be dealing with the long tail in another 20 years time.

“I think this is genuinely a generational problem. When I left MI5 in 2013 if I had been asked I would have said that I thought that we probably were over the worst of the al-Qaeda threat.

“That may have been true but of course not the development and emergence of IS with the same ideology and many of the same people.”

The thought of living under decades of heightened Jihadi violence on our streets is one we should not ignore & hope it will go away. Police in the UK and the intelligence services desperately need the resources to tackle & extinguish Islamist based terror.

Labour MP’S unleash ‘Campaign for Free Movement’

Working class communities will not be happy about this recent betrayal by the members & politicians within the Labour Party.

Labour party figures like Clive Lewis & David Lammy are still supporting Freedom of movement of people – even though the mass migration of people is pecking at their support from the working class by flooding the job market with unskilled labour who are eager to undercut British workers.

The Campaign for Free Movement started by Labour seem genuinely unfazed by the democratic will of the 17.4 million people who voted against EU open borders, and obviously would like to see a so-called ‘Populist’ Jeremy Corbyn to back unchecked, open borders.

Three trade unions have already backed this campaign such as the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, National Executive Committee, and Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union – Patriotic People’s Populist Media would like to know what fully-paid up members of the Labour Party have to say about this?

I think the main argument from this new campaign, is that “the best way to protect and advance the interests of all workers” – The realities of the effects of mass migration on infrastructure, crime, terror & the jobs market are all stark reminders of what open borders provide & I’m sure many Labour members will agree.

I believe this provides a clear picture of the division within the Labour Party. The official Labour policy at the moment is to end freedom of movement when we leave the EU.

Yet again this shows us that the gap between the working class roots of Labour & the Champagne, Socialists like David Lammy.

Violence is surging in London due to Somali & Congolese migrants

This new level of violence that has taken London by storm is a lot to do with Congolese & Somali immigrants, former gang member reports.

London is being plauged by an increase in knife crime, with official statistics revealing knife crime is up by 24% in comparison with last year.

Ex-Gangster from Plumstead, Wayne says “In the last 10 years, since the Somalis and the Congolese came to London, they taught us a whole new level of violence.

“These people had seen family members mutilated so when they said, ‘I’m gonna smash you up,’ us guys would be shouting, ‘Yo blud, wot you mean?’ and they would just pull out a blade and juk (stab) you in the chest.

“It upped the speed and level of violence for us British-born guys. We had to arm up to protect ourselves. It created an upward spiral.”

It’s up for debate whether it’s practical to import groups of young and dangerous men from war-torn, third world countries that can bring this trend of violence to the streets of London.

The UK has no alternative but to boost levels of police on the streets & increase budgets otherwise parts of London will desend into no-go zones like you see up north & in Sweden.

It would make a big difference if the UK spent more money on protecting its borders so less dangerous individuals end up commiting terrible acts on our streets.