Net Migration 244,000 in just one year, 578,000 to UK

By September 2017 net migration was still hitting the hundreds of thousands, net migration stood at 244,000 in only one year.

While this is a little bit less than last year, it actually means  578,000 people came to the United Kingdom in just one year.

Any remainer inspired propaganda claiming that EU citizens would leave in great numbers is a complete lie. ONS reported  “There are still more EU citizens coming to the UK than leaving.”

Homelessness, London’s crime-wave, terrorism, imported gang-grooming culture, burdened NHS, limited school places and people struggling to get an operation or a simple GP appointment and our government wants to import hundreds of thousands more people?


Migration Watch UK: Claim ‘More Then 1 Million EU Migrants Could Move To The UK During Transition Period’

The British people voted to re-gain control of our borders. Migration Watch UK claim that more then one million citizens from the EU could in fact move to the UK during the 2-year Brexit ‘Transition Period’ in a report.

And if the United Kingdom remained in this ‘Transitional Period’ for 3-years, the numbers could surge to 1.5 million the report claimed. With vital services like housing, the NHS and schools stretched to near max-capacity  this is a dangerous possibility indeed.

The report states: “A transition period of two years during which EU nationals could continue not only to move freely to the UK but also to qualify after five years for permanent residence could increase the pool of EU nationals over whom the UK has no immigration control by as many as a million people.

“The total could be as many as 1.5 million if there is a three-year transition period from 2019 until 2022.”

Another arguably obvious point the report makes is: “Freedom of movement is likely to continue for the duration of the transition period.

“However, in her statement in the House of Commons on 18 December 2017, the Prime Minister noted that, during the transition period, the UK government intends to register new arrivals from the EU as preparation for our future immigration system. This echoes provisions described in leaked draft post-Brexit immigration proposals published in the press in September 2017.”

The danger is this could have real major impacts on the UK because the families of these migrants could be allowed into the UK as well.

The report also said: “the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has indicated, there is also the danger of a last-minute rush from the EU to the UK during such a period”.

The United Kingdom is becoming a mass-migration haven and until the government serves the will of the people of Britain and tells the EU where to go this will not change.

The 17.4 million Brexiteers voted to protect the UK from mass-migration and the government are not listening.

Record Breaking High 2.37 Million EU Migrant Workers In UK

Our government needs to tackle migration and actually control our borders.

The urgency we have to control the borders in the UK reaches new heights with EU migrant workers reaching a record breaking high.

The current official figures showing us that between July and September 2.37 million migrants from the EU were in employment in the UK. That is a jump of 100,000  compared to the same time last year.

There is a massive increase of Romanians and Bulgarians coming to the UK, by 90,000.


This shows us that the made up fantasy of migrant workers leaving in droves was pure scandal why won’t the government tackle this issue supported by some 17.4 million people. We voted to end mass migration and open borders. This surge in economic migrants will only put more strain on our public services. I believe it’s high time for the government to stop talking the talk and actually start defending our borders and getting the numbers of people coming down to the tens of thousands like they have promised so many times.

Labour MP’S unleash ‘Campaign for Free Movement’

Working class communities will not be happy about this recent betrayal by the members & politicians within the Labour Party.

Labour party figures like Clive Lewis & David Lammy are still supporting Freedom of movement of people – even though the mass migration of people is pecking at their support from the working class by flooding the job market with unskilled labour who are eager to undercut British workers.

The Campaign for Free Movement started by Labour seem genuinely unfazed by the democratic will of the 17.4 million people who voted against EU open borders, and obviously would like to see a so-called ‘Populist’ Jeremy Corbyn to back unchecked, open borders.

Three trade unions have already backed this campaign such as the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, National Executive Committee, and Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union – Patriotic People’s Populist Media would like to know what fully-paid up members of the Labour Party have to say about this?

I think the main argument from this new campaign, is that “the best way to protect and advance the interests of all workers” – The realities of the effects of mass migration on infrastructure, crime, terror & the jobs market are all stark reminders of what open borders provide & I’m sure many Labour members will agree.

I believe this provides a clear picture of the division within the Labour Party. The official Labour policy at the moment is to end freedom of movement when we leave the EU.

Yet again this shows us that the gap between the working class roots of Labour & the Champagne, Socialists like David Lammy.

UK’s foreign born population surges

The United Kingdoms population in regards to those who are foreign born has almost doubled in ten years, reportedly 5.95 million foreigners are now living in the UK. Mass migration is the root cause of this massive increase.

The data reveals that 9.2 of United Kingdoms population are foreign born, compared to 5% in 2005.

This information comes from Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), revealing this scary trend of mass migration & the replacement of people.

While the Torys have repeatedly pledged to reduce immigration numbers down to the tens of thousands, most notably under David Cameron & now Theresa May. It’s no secret that mass migration has only got worse, successive Labour & Conservative governments do nothing to change this fact.

We need a government unafraid of political correctness & is against mass migration, not a government that repeatedly breaks key pledges. We need a limit to the numbers of people we take in it’s just not sustainable, hopefully a real Brexit will change all that.


Open borders surges population, more then 500,000 in one year

62% of this increase was directed from migration.

The population of Britain exploded by more then 500,000 in just one year with 62% of this increase coming from net migration alone. These figures come from The Office of National Statistics.

The population of England now stands at more then 55 million for the first time in history. The United Kingdom’s population exploded to 538,00 by June 2016.

This increase of population seems to cluster in specific cities, towns or regions. The growth in the population of London doubled that of North of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Mass uncontrolled immigration must stop! Otherwise further degradation & segregation will befall places like Rotherham, Luton, Birmingham & Manchester.

We need to come together & accept the unsustainability of our current immigration policies. Public services and social cohesion is stretched at breaking point. With Brexit on the horizon it’s high time our government actually started to keep to their promises of bringing the immigration figures down to the “tens of thousands”.

Who remembers David Cameron’s “NO if’s, no buts speech” on immigration? My fear is Theresa May is another Liberal Conservative & will betray the British people the very same way.


Reportedly 250,000 illegal immigrants go missing in the UK every year

Secret statistics from the Home Office reveal that 250,000 illegals vanish in the UK each year.

David Wood, former Director General of Immigration Enforcement from 2013 – 2015, said Government doesn’t give you the real statistics because “it’s embarrassing”.

And so what do you think Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis had to say about it?  “Our laws are being enforced.”

These are the people we trust to keep us safe and they can’t even figure out where a quarter of a million people are going each year, and then they have the audacity to be shocked when the crime rates go up, kids can’t get school places, people struggle for GP appointments, segregation happens in places like Luton & Birmingham and most importantly potential radicals are running around without us even knowing.