Riotous London: Nineteen-Year-Old Teen Stabbed To Death In Streatham

Sadly another teen has lost his life on the streets of the mismanaged capital city. Outside a house in Streatham, London.

The nineteen-year-old man was reportedly involved in a disagreement inside a home address on Hopton Road  before he collapsed outside. The fatal stabbing led the teen to be pronounced dead at the scene.

A twenty-three-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of the murder of the teen.

The number of stabbings in London and around the UK are getting worse all the time. In the first month of the year Westmonster reported that six vile stabbings occurred in only ten days.

Just to the make matters worse, the government have cut the Met’s budget by  £413 million. Why does our government force police cuts on us while people are being literally cut down the streets?

If the world was to judge the United Kingdom by it’s world renowned capital city of London then they would look at us like a culturally segregated, crime-riddled and mismanaged disaster waiting to happen.


Three People Die Of Knife-Attacks In London In Just Two Days

Knife-crime in London and across the country worsens by the day. Three men have died as a result of being stabbed to death in London in the past two days.

A youth worker called Kwabena Nelson, 22 was murdered by a knife close to his home address in Tottenham. The sad irony was that Kwabena was a youth worker that worked hard to stop people in his local community from joining gangs and potentially killing people.

Hasan Ozcan, 19 was murdered by a knife-man or knife-men in Barking at around 10pm near Gascoigne Estate. People reportedly heard Hasan screaming for for help before he tragically died.

A man called Juan Olmos Saca, 39 stabbed in Peckham but unfortunately died six days after he was first admitted into hospital.

And even last night, a man was stabbed by a gang on Oxford Street as well as the gang attempting to steal his phone.

Knife-crime and a hard-drug pushing sub-culture are to blame for a lot of these recent stabbings and murders in and around the capital. It is spiralling out of the control. How much more blood needs to stain the streets of the United Kingdom before the establishment politicians wake up and smell the coffee? We need more funding for the police and more bobbies on the beat ready to protect the people from these sub-cultured parasites!

Much tougher sentences need to be handed to people that go around shooting and stabbing people so it sends a clear message that we are serious about upholding law and order in this great country.

Farnborough Murder Investigation Update: All Five Cowards Charged With Murder Over The Cold-Blooded Stabbing Of Richard Hardy

Richard Hardy was stabbed to his unfortunate death in Farnborough, Hampshire during the daytime on the 26th January. Tributes have been placed at the scene.


All five of the sub-cultured cowards have got their first appearance in crown court for murdering local man Richard Hardy in Farnborough.

All five of them were remanded into police custody after their first appearance at Winchester Crown on Wednesday the 31st of January.

All of the murderers will stay in custody until their plea and preparation trial hearing on April 4.

While the emergency services found Hardy, 25 with ‘Multiple Stab Wounds’ by Mayfield road around 1.45pm on Friday 26th January.

Sadly he was announced dead at the scene. No one deserves to die like that.

On the night of 29th of January, Hampshire Constabulary charged five murderous cowards with murder jointly:

Leroy Bosha, 26 from Aldwick Close in Farnborough.

Luther Archibald, 31 from Totland Close in Farnborough.

Luther Archibald, 31

Hashim Siddique, 19 from Fintry Walk in Farnborough.

Hashim Siddique, 19 

Qasan Siddique, 22 from Fintry Walk in Farnborough. (Brother of Hashim)

Qasan Siddique, 22

Omar Goodridge, 20 from Montgomery Way in Portsmouth.

Omar Goodridge, 20 


Richard Hardy, 25 

Some lovely tributes have been paid to Hardy after his death.

In a very moving statement, his family said “Richard was a much loved son and brother who will be massively missed by many. Our hearts are broken.”

Flower tributes have placed around a tree in honour of Richard Hardy.

Three more people were arrested and questioned in connection to Richard Hardy’s death:

A 24-year-old local man was arrested under investigation but was later released.

A 30-year-old local women was arrested but was later released with no further action.

A 16-year-old was arrested on Friday was was later released with no further action.


The murderers firstly appeared at Basingstoke Magistrates Court on Tuesday the 30th of January  but then the case went to Winchester.

We obviously have real genuine problems with second, third or even fourth generation immigrants from the third-world in this country who feel disenfranchised with British society and culture and it forces them live in a culture within a culture. All of these cowardly knife-men were either Crack cocaine dealers or users and obviously none of them have any regard for human life. We are living in a society and community where we have a fifth-column that seeks nothing more than to cause us harm and destroy every fibre of our cultural identity so we are left with the same miss-mash of the same multicultural cultural identity.

If you want more Knives, guns, gangs, terrorists, drugs and general crime ignore this article and call it racist and pretend that I’m making it a race issue, I assure you I am not, I am making this a culture issue.


Farnborough Murder Investigation Update: Five Men Charged With Cold-Bloodedly Murdering Local British Man Richard Hardy, All Murderers Are Not Indigenous Native British As Usual

Police detectives investigating the murder of Richard Hardy and they have charged five men tonight the 29th January for murder jointly.

Hardy, 25 was found with ”Multiple Stab Wounds’ dead at the scene of the crime during the day on the 26th January on Mayfield Road.

The five men charged for murder we will name and shame:

Leroy Bosha, 26 from Aldwick Close, Farnborough

Luther Archibald, 31 from Totland Close, Farnborough

Luther Archibald, 31

Hashim Siddique, 19 from Fintry Walk, Farnborough

Hashim Siddique, 19

Qasan Siddique, 22 from Fintry Walk, Farnborough (Brother of Hashim)

Qasan Siddique, 22

Omar Goodridge, 20 from Montgomery Way Portsmouth

Omar Goodridge, 20

All of these cowardly men are going to appear in Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court today. 30th January.

A 24-year old male has been released from police custody but remains under investigation. He is a local to Farnborough.

A woman aged 30 from Farnborough has been released with NFA (No further Action).

All of these men are either Pakistani-Muslims or from the Black community. A local British man was murdered cold bloodedly by a pack of radical fifth-column crack dealers from Farnborough. We need to tackle the problems we face from rape, knife-crime, gun-crime and gang-culture and unfortunately it’s a lot of people from the third-world disenfranchised and lost within a culture so they follow a kind of grime music sub-culture where they think it is cool to send each other rap videos abusing each other, stabbing people and selling hard drugs.



Farnborough Stabbing Murder Investigation: Local Man Named As Richard Hardy

Richard Hardy, 25 was unfortunately announced dead at the scene near Totland flats in Farnborough. On the 26th January during the day near Mayfield Road.

Richard Hardy

Six men have been arrested into custody since the local man Richard Hardy was brutally murdered. He reportedly received “multiple stab wounds” that means there was multiple cowards attacking him at once with knives.

Reportedly all men remain in custody.

His family have decided to release a statement: “Richard was a much-loved son and brother who will be massively missed by many. Our hearts are broken.”

A spokesman from Hampshire Constabulary said “Following a post-mortem examination, we can confirm that Richard died after suffering multiple stab wounds.

“We continue to appeal for information and witnesses.”

The cordoned off area has been removed from Mayfield road.

I won’t speculate on the motive of the cowardly attackers but it sends a message that we have real problems in society that need to be addressed. Whatever this man did or didn’t do, I’m sure he didn’t deserve to die like that no one does and I hope the people that killed this man and left his family and friends with heartache get what they deserve.

Farnborough Man Stabbed To Death, Investigations Underway – Two Men Arrested

Two men have reportedly been arrested in connection to the stabbing. A murder investigation has been started after a man was stabbed to death in Farnborough, Hampshire on Friday, 26th January.

Local residents said there was a ‘Massive’ amount of police in the area surrounding Mayfield Road and Totland Close, near Cherrywood Community Primary School, while the air ambulance also arrived.

One of the Spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said:  “Police have launched a murder investigation following the death of a man in Farnborough.

“Officers were called to Mayfield Road, Farnborough, at 1.45pm following the discovery of an injured man.

“Officers attended with our colleagues from South East Coast Ambulance Service. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Officers are currently at the scene as investigations into the exact circumstances of the man’s death continue. Police have arrested two men in connection with this incident.”

Sadly the man was announced dead at the scene.


Local police officers are still trying to work out exactly why this man was murdered.

At the moment, they are not releasing the names of those involved as they are still conducting investigations(They probably think this could hinder their investigation).skynews-border-control-uk_4147212

A spokesman for the local police service had this to say: “Officers are currently at the scene as investigations into the exact circumstances of the man’s death continue. At this time, we believe we have not spoken to all of those involved in the incident and searches are continuing in the area.

“We have a number of officers in the area so if you have any concerns please speak to them or your local neighbourhood team.”

Farnborough is roughly 37.5 miles away from London but it’s obviously falling victim to the same degradation of community and values. Something desperately needs to change in the United Kingdom at first it was just big cities falling prey to ‘Gang Culture’ & ‘Knife-Crime’ but it’s increasingly spilling out into the towns surrounding places like our capital city London. After all Totland estate was born out of the overspill from London so unfortunately similar sub-cultures and criminal tendencies have occurred.

The government needs to act now!

Hampshire Constabulary are inviting anyone with any information to come forward.

Anyone with information should call 101 and quote reference number 463, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Violence is surging in London due to Somali & Congolese migrants

This new level of violence that has taken London by storm is a lot to do with Congolese & Somali immigrants, former gang member reports.

London is being plauged by an increase in knife crime, with official statistics revealing knife crime is up by 24% in comparison with last year.

Ex-Gangster from Plumstead, Wayne says “In the last 10 years, since the Somalis and the Congolese came to London, they taught us a whole new level of violence.

“These people had seen family members mutilated so when they said, ‘I’m gonna smash you up,’ us guys would be shouting, ‘Yo blud, wot you mean?’ and they would just pull out a blade and juk (stab) you in the chest.

“It upped the speed and level of violence for us British-born guys. We had to arm up to protect ourselves. It created an upward spiral.”

It’s up for debate whether it’s practical to import groups of young and dangerous men from war-torn, third world countries that can bring this trend of violence to the streets of London.

The UK has no alternative but to boost levels of police on the streets & increase budgets otherwise parts of London will desend into no-go zones like you see up north & in Sweden.

It would make a big difference if the UK spent more money on protecting its borders so less dangerous individuals end up commiting terrible acts on our streets.