Uzbek Asylum Seeker Now Terrorist Pleads Guilty To Committing Stockholm Terror Attack

Uzbek terrorist, Rakhmat  murdered five innocents and injured around ten people. A former Uzbek asylum seeker now terrorist pleaded guilty to charges of terrorism after he cowardly drove a truck down a busy shopping street in Stockholm, murdering  five people.

Rakhmat the 39-year-old terrorist injured roughly ten people, a court heard how some of the innocent bystanders were left with brain damage or limbs with amputated.

The cowardly terrorist admitted to  “cause fear in the population” with the potential to injure around 150 people.

Even Rakhmat’s own lawyers said the Islamic terrorist intention was:  “was to instigate fear and to get Sweden to end its participation in the coalition against the Islamic State”.

The worst part is this Islamic terrorist had his asylum application rejected a while before the terrorist attack,that is according to the police Regional Strategic Commander, Jan Evensson.

Apparently prosecutors in the country are trying to deport the Islamic terrorist. Why the hell wasn’t he apprehended when his application was rejected and kicked out? UK, Europe and the West is being menaced by terrorists posing as ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’ that end up causing a lot of terror, rape and the degradation of Western values, culture and civilisation.


Non-Indigenous, UK-Born Radical Islamic, Islamic State Terrorists ‘THE BEATLES’ Are Captured In Syria, By US-Backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

They were reportedly involved in beheading over 27 hostages. The last couple of ‘THE BEATLES’ radical Islamic terrorists have been captured by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Non-Indigenous British-born jihad’s El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Amon Kotey who were reportedly connected to ‘Jihadi John’ were captured in eastern Syria.

The cowardly Islamic State terrorists have reportedly handed over vital information about the Islamic State leadership but they could still end up being thrown into Guantanamo Bay for many years to come.

Gavin Williamson the Secretary of State for Defence said:  “These are people who have done absolutely vile and despicable crimes and brought absolutely so much misery. It is good that they have been hunted down and caught.”

We can’t underestimate the threat we face from the radical fifth-column living among us conspiring to commit vile acts of terror on our shores and to our people, we must not allow our compassion imperil our security as a nation.

‘UK to face decades more of jihadi terror’ so says former chief of MI5

The United Kingdom will face 20-30 more years of Islamist terror former chief of the MI5 said.

Lord Jonathan Evans thinks it’s a “generational issue” which has been exacerbated  by the Westminster Bridge attack, it was the first official terrorist attack since the 7/7 bombings in July 2005 which killed 52 people.

Evans had this to say to the BBC “I think on the terrorism side we are at least 20 years into this. My guess is that we will still be dealing with the long tail in another 20 years time.

“I think this is genuinely a generational problem. When I left MI5 in 2013 if I had been asked I would have said that I thought that we probably were over the worst of the al-Qaeda threat.

“That may have been true but of course not the development and emergence of IS with the same ideology and many of the same people.”

The thought of living under decades of heightened Jihadi violence on our streets is one we should not ignore & hope it will go away. Police in the UK and the intelligence services desperately need the resources to tackle & extinguish Islamist based terror.