Brussels ‘Propaganda Project’ Spending Nearly £3 Million to Destroy Euroscepticism

The Euro-Fascists from Brussels are spending half a million Euros on plots to destroy Euro-scepticism & reverse the democratic will of the British public who voted to leave, European Commission documents have revealed to us.

We know that the Times reported the funding comes from the near £3 million propaganda war chest that we know is responsible for funding 84 projects across the EU which sole aim is to “reach out to citizens who reject or put in question the EU and its achievements or remain indifferent”.

Many of these ”Propaganda projects” are funded if they swear to ”Challenge Eurosceptic sentiment”, ”adhere to a feeling of belonging” to the union, teach it’s people ”the benefits” of EU membership, and preach ”Politicial integration” across the union.


The Propaganda fund — that is sponsoring projects which are aimed at making the public “understand the cost of not being part of the EU” — was created in December to fight away populism and Euroscepticism after the UK & Gibraltar voted to leave the EU in June.


Ten propaganda projects are being backed by the Commission which we know directly involve the UK, mostly through local councils, with the funding being €539,250 this year, according to The Times.

The projects which are aimed at chaining the UK to Brussels have been blasted by many Brexit campaigners and Eurosceptics, with UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn telling The Times: “Taxpayers have already decided they wish to leave.

“It is insulting that their money is being used to fund indoctrination,” he said, adding: “The fact the EU’s leaders set such store by propaganda tells us that they are seeking to cover up a host of flaws, lack of democracy being foremost among them.”

The fact that the money is being used to literally brainwash our people into changing their minds is horrendous and something we should not ignore or take with a pinch of salt. When other European nations watch ‘Brexit Britain’ become a successful, powerful, loved & sovereign nation once again many others will follow so we can become a Europe of self-governing nation that trade together, become even better allies & help each other wherever humanly possible but we govern our own nations and decide our own laws.















One thought on “Brussels ‘Propaganda Project’ Spending Nearly £3 Million to Destroy Euroscepticism

  1. The British referendum gave the people a very difficult choice. Should they stay inside a group of countries where they have every decision made for them by unelected bourocrats, or leave, and decide their own fate and take make their own way in. the world as an independent entity. I am not ashamed to say that I for one felt fearful of the consequences of voting leave but I did so anyway. I now realise, by the actions of those unelected buorocrats to date and their petty attempts to make us suffer and undermine us that more than ever, my decision made perfect sense and has turned out to be the most sensible one I could have made.


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