WATCH: Geert Wilders vs Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister on Islam

Geert Wilders schools the Dutch Prime minister on the betrayal of the people of Europe.

Geert Wilders said “It makes one despair to listen over and over again to platitudes of the Prime minister, he says Muslims are suffering twice. Mr Prime minister, how about speaking on behalf of victims here in Europe? People whom by governors such as you but not just you, you have been inundating in the past few decades with masses of Muslims”.

“Our free West has be Islamified, we have made zero demands when it comes to assimilation. We are now suffering the consequences of individuals who despise our western values & rules. They commit attacks. WOMEN, HOMOSEXUALS ARE… It is more than just a few exceptions, I mentioned the numbers. 70%, 80% of Muslims say that their rules today, in 2017 are more important then the laws we have voted here in the House of Representatives. It is not true Muslims are the victims, but it is us who are if the victims of Islamization. People whom you allow in, why do you not say anything about that?”

Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime minister meekly replied” Do I understand correctly that Mr Wilders that Islam, all Muslims are responsible for the attacks? Is it what he is saying?”.

Geert Wilders fired back” The Islam yes, all Muslims no. But Islam certainly yes. 99 of the 100 attacks are committed by people invoking the Koran, shouting “Allahu Akbar”. We would not have them if we in Europe had not taken in masses if them in the past few decades. Certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims, barring some exceptions. Of course if non-Muslims are perpetrators that is equally terrible. I also said that in my speech in the first term we of the PVV mourn these victims equally.

But do not come here as Prime minister to say that Muslims are victims twice. We are the victims of people like you who have flooded our country with with Muslims over the last few decades.  Some of whom, Some! Use violence against us. You cannot deny that can you? You cannot deny most attacks are committed by Muslims. I am no making that up, am I?”

Mark Rutte appeared unerved as he replied” I cannot believe my own ears! Indeed there is a problem with groups who settled in The Netherlands. Whom we have insufficiently made to understand our rules & values. Our way of life and our laws, which we expect them to accept. For too long we have been praising the multicultural society in which groups exist next to each other.

Instead of demanding immigrants realize what our country stands for. Sociology teachers are complaining we should be more than reasonable clear what “citizenship” means. To me the answer to this question is that this is a free democratic society with equal rights for men & women, homosexuals, heterosexuals, white and coloured. And it is also the freedom of expression and religious freedom. Of course there is a broad agreement here in this chamber, that huge mistakes have been made. But you cannot after realising after realising this fact, which in itself involves a number of social issues which this debate is not about. Pretend that this lead to terrorism. People who go to mosques on Friday, who are pious Muslims. Who are allowed to profess that religion in this country, on the basis of freedom of religion. And who want to exercise that faith in a decent way, should feel co-responsible for the attacks committed here. This is what I hear Mr Wilders say. I’m shocked by this.”

Wilders replied” well you can be certainly be shocked by that, but I haven’t said that. But what I did say was Islam is the cause in my speech that there are not just a few perpetrators. Of all the people who left The Netherlands to fight in Syria is 80% Moroccan. I already mentioned it: 70% of Muslims in the Netherlands says that laws in the Koran are more important than our secular laws. This is all based on academic reports. Of the Turkish youths, some 80% find it OK to use violence against non-Muslim.

Of the 1 million Muslims in Netherlands say more then 100,000 – 100,000! Say that it is good and they can imagine using violence in Netherlands in the name of Islam. You cannot ignore all your that! Do not say that I’m talking about all Muslims, because that is not the case. But Islam is the tumour is our society and we must get rid of it! This is something you cannot deny by simply seeing it as Muslims as some sort of double victims. We are the victims of Islamization, this is the truth.”

This is the choice European nations now have real Populist parties who stand for things like limiting immigration, cutting foreign aid, protecting our culture & laws, destroying political correctness, helping the vulnerable people within our own nation states and bringing real change to soft touch Europe. or the same continuity of Liberalism, Socialism and Liberal Conservatism which we have been suffering and feeling the effects from for years.

Here is a video of the political showdown:


One thought on “WATCH: Geert Wilders vs Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister on Islam

  1. Bravo Geert Wilders! I sincerely hope that he & likeminded leaders
    Throughout Europe & the Western World achieve high office & reverse the blatent invasion of our lands.


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