Watch: DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds slams Labour & SNP over Tory deal insults

DUP Deputy leader, Nigel Dodds mocked  Jeremy Corbyn & Nicola Sturgeon over their critism of the Conservative-DUP deal, as he revealed talks took place with both parties during the last two general elections.

Speaking in the Commons on Monday he said “We commit to transparency. We are fairly open to that and some day, I beg to think we might publish all of the correspondence and conversations we had in 2010 with the Labour front bench and in 2015 with the Labour front bench and indeed with the SNP as well.

“Because some of the full outrage that we have heard is hypocrisy of the highest order.”

Nigel Dodds made the the bold statement” DUP’s deal with the Conservative party would see the UK Prosper. ”


Here is the video of Nigel Dodds on the DUP deal:

All the Remoaners, lefties & liberal elitists need to accept democracy and the deal between the Democratic Unionists & the Conservatives and let Brexit continue without interference.

The hypocrisy from the Scottish Nationalists & the “Communist” Labour Party is unrivalled in British politics.


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