“Communist Corbyn” claims he will be Prime Minister in six months

The ultra-leftist, Labour leader also made comments about scrapping Trident saying backstage when asked “as soon as I can”, at Glastonbury Festival.

“Communist Corbyn” made absurd claims that he would be Prime minister in six months as he apparently said this to Michael Eaves, Glastonbury Festival founder.

“I said to him, ‘When are you going to be prime minister?’ He said, ‘In six months.’”

The Glastonbury founder also quizzed “Communist Corbyn” “When are you going to get rid of Trident?” & he replied “soon as I can”. According to Somerset Live.

The delusional, undemocratic & out right stupid claim the Labour Party won the general election is beyond a joke, as Corbyn hinted at victory on June the 8th, by saying “It is pretty clear who has won this election.”



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