Dangerous terrorists using Human Rights to stay in soft touch UK

Radical Islamists walking the streets of the UK after Theresa May’s failings as Home Secretary.

In the latest embarrassing turn of events we look at the failings of the UK’s national security, a shocking new report reveals 40+ terrorists have used Human Rights Act to stay in the UK.

We know that The Telegraph have exposed Theresa May’s terrible failure as the Home Secretary, she was the longest serving Home Secretary in recent times.

Political correctness has seen many radical jihadists win their court cases & escape deportation. A turn of events that will shock many decent British people.

Theresa May is looking like a square peg in a round hole when it comes to national security, behind closed doors insisting European courts make the UK less safe, to go against her own personal views and include a commitment to stay in the ECHR in her controversial manifesto.

Once again Theresa May has shown herself to be a liability to the British public who anticipated a reborn “Iron-Lady”. Her track record & ability to act is atrocious! The British government need to start booting out barbaric, terrorists without fear of quotas & Human Rights.


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