Tory govt to continue £13 billion foreign aid disaster

Why should we give away so much cash while more then 58,000 people are still homeless in England & Wales? Heroes like Roy Larner are still homeless & public services are stretched to breaking point.

The highly anticipated Queen’s speech made it clear the Tory govt had no plans to cut the 0.7% of GDP foreign aid budget, Which means we will continue to hand over £13 billion each year to corrupt dictatorships & funding Indian’s space programme.

The government have repeatedly failed to keep to the to 0.2% defence spending target for our underfunded armed forces. Our penny-pinching Tory govt have also made cuts to the police, endured a NHS crisis and seen a large scale housing crisis!

Charity should always start with the the British people who our government have been elected to protect. It’s an outrage the government have gotten away with handing away so much of our money while we are suffering with so many problems at home.

I mean come on! We are the fifth-largest economy in the world but we are the second largest contributor of foreign aid, this is a betrayal to the people of Britain.


The scariest part is in terms of GDP, United Kingdom pays more Canada, Italy, Japan, Germany, France & even USA which pays less than 2% of GDP on foreign Aid.


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