Reportedly 55% of the people of Europe believe another will leave the EU within a decade

54% of EU citizens believe their nation was a better place to live 20 years ago.

As Brexit begins it seems to have sown the seeds of disunity in the Bloc of EU nations, according to the Chatham House report 55% of people believe another nation will leave the EU within ten years.

It also seems that generally people think membership of the EU has offered very little benefits, with only 34% of European Union citizens saying they felt they had benefited from EU membership.

Merely 8% of people believe politicians care about the publics opinion, so I very much doubt the Euro-facists in Brussels will take any advice from this poll.

As a new wave of populism rises across the continent & day by day people lose faith in Juncker and his cronies ruling over their Non-imperial Empire, they are dangerously close to being exposed for the paper pushing, arm chair politicians they really are! With an organisation that offers us very little benefits.

As a new dawn breaks on “Brexit Britain” others will follow to create a Europe of self-governing nations that trade together without political integration.



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