Open borders surges population, more then 500,000 in one year

62% of this increase was directed from migration.

The population of Britain exploded by more then 500,000 in just one year with 62% of this increase coming from net migration alone. These figures come from The Office of National Statistics.

The population of England now stands at more then 55 million for the first time in history. The United Kingdom’s population exploded to 538,00 by June 2016.

This increase of population seems to cluster in specific cities, towns or regions. The growth in the population of London doubled that of North of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Mass uncontrolled immigration must stop! Otherwise further degradation & segregation will befall places like Rotherham, Luton, Birmingham & Manchester.

We need to come together & accept the unsustainability of our current immigration policies. Public services and social cohesion is stretched at breaking point. With Brexit on the horizon it’s high time our government actually started to keep to their promises of bringing the immigration figures down to the “tens of thousands”.

Who remembers David Cameron’s “NO if’s, no buts speech” on immigration? My fear is Theresa May is another Liberal Conservative & will betray the British people the very same way.



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