Muslim council of Britain claim Douglas Murray is like Anjem Choudhary

This smear from the Muslim council of Britain is very dishonest & counterproductive.

The anti-Semitic “Muslim council of Britain” refused to attend the Holocaust memorial day between 2001 – 2007 & has since called for it to be called “Genocidal memorial day” instead. The Jewish community have criticised government links to this organisation. And MCB has even faced condemnation among Muslims in the UK.


Miqdaad Versi, the Assistant General Secretary of the MCB used recent events to compare Douglas Murray to Anjem Choudhary and knock any right wingers by saying on Daily Politics show “Many parts of the media spread this hate. You talk very much about hate speech being unacceptable and not tolerated and now we know the BBC and others will not have Anjem Choudary on the TV, despite having them on in the past.

“What about the same people on the right? What about people like Douglas Murray who just last week came on this show and said less Islam is the answer to terrorism.

“Giving a platform to people like that to spread their hate is unacceptable,” he concluded.

Douglas Murray for those who don’t him is a Author, Political commentator and Journalist. He is also the founder of the “Centre for Social Cohesion”, Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and associate editor the Spectator. He is probably the most intelligent, vocal critics of radical Islam in the UK.

The Left, Liberal & radical apologists using this tragedy to shut down critics of Islam is wrong & against our democratic values. The Muslim council of Britain should hang their heads in shame.



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