British government blames Muslim unemployment statistics on “Islamaphobia”

A report from the government has used “Islamaphobia” as an excuse for the high rates of unemployment amongst Muslim women in the UK. 


The Women and Equalities Committee made a report that said “Muslim people suffer the greatest economic disadvantages of any group in society” Oh is that the excuse for the over 50% of Muslim men, and well more then 75% of Muslim women being unemployed?

They complain they struggle finding employment when they wear Burkhas & niqabs which are culturally incompatible with British society and obviously hampers your career prospects. And needing to pray up to five times a day and fasting on Ramadan will affect your performance.

Muslim train driver, crashed while fasting on Ramadan 

A Muslim train driver crashed near Paddington station, London after he went through the two red lights, a rail expert even claimed he had not eaten anything for 15 hours.

Also Muslims in the UK have the highest birth rates among anyone with coupled with high levels of unemployment will leave the UK with a real crisis of disenfranchised Muslims who have no prospects or hope for the future.


3 thoughts on “British government blames Muslim unemployment statistics on “Islamaphobia”

  1. This is what they do, every country taken over by islam has taken them in as refugees then they out breed the indiginuose people and it’s just a matter of time.

    This blue print of religious conquest was designed by mohamed in Medina then he killed all the Jews who gave him asylum so you can imagine what they have in store for the UK and our government is helping them achieve their goals.


  2. If you imigrate to Australia you have to have a job if not you cannot imigrate.We should use the same criteria here then there would not be such a high rate of unemployed in imigrants


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