Paedophile Imam abuses underage girls

81-year-old Mohammed Sadiq, Imam from Wales was convicted of indecent assault and eight counts of sexual assault on an underage girl, under the age of 13.

He was involved with Madina mosque, Cardiff between 1976 – 2006 its thought he could of taken the innocence of many vulnerable children in this time.

He was teaching children about  the Koran whilst he was touching underage girls, using it at his cover.

Mohammed, 81 year-old Imam from Wales even tried to claim the accusations of sexual assault were fabricated by various factions in the mosques community.

Mohammed Sadiq was even joined by his family in the public gallery, who didn’t seem to show any remorse as the verdicts were carried out.

Mohammed Sadiq, Cardiff Crown Court

Mohammed did escape one count of indecent assault at Cardiff Crown Court on Thursday.

In an interview one of the victims have explained how the vile Imam would recite verses of the Koran as he touched her “inappropriately”

The scariest thing one of the victims said was “”In our culture we don’t talk about these things really. It’s quite taboo”. Little girls or boys shouldn’t have to feel ashamed to seek help if they are sexually assaulted by a religious leader because of their culture.

Sadiq is yet to sentenced for all his crimes.


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