Mustafa Almansur, Grenfell Tower demonstrator, corbynite activist & possibly Islamist

Mustafa Almansur the organiser of Friday’s Grenfell Demonstration, during which angry protesters stormed into Kensington Town Hall. Mustafa is Corbynite political activist & was arrested for Terrorist offences years ago according to “Daily Telegraph”.

Mustafa al-Mansur, 39, set up a Facebook campaign convincing people from the local area who suffered due to the tragedy to muster at the council offices on Friday.


Demonstrators in Kensington

Mustafas brother stood as a independent candidate at last week’s election, he is also a keen supporter of Corbyn and is very vocal about it.

His demonstration led to chaos and violence. It was only a few days ago John Mcdonnell, Shadow Chancellor called for “one million protestors to take to the streets” and now vocal Labour activists are taking the lead on using tragedy to run riot and politicise it.


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