Majority of British public, want a proper Brexit

resize-500x278_brexit (1)Polling site Yougov made a proposition that is supported by the majority of the British public. That the left-wing fascists & Eurocrats have been calling a “Hard Brexit”.

Over 50% want to leave single market and customs union.

YouGov put up a Brexit deal that would include:

  • Leaving single market.
  • Leaving customs union.
  • Controls on immigration from EU countries.
  • Guaranteeing rights of EU citizens here and UK citizens abroad.
  • Working with EU on security.

52% of the public who voted supported this arrangement, with merely 24% opposed and apparently 64% believe this will be the outcome.

With chief Remoaners like Tim Farron resigning, Nick Clegg losing his seat, Alex Salmond losing his seat and many other euro fascist figures losing momentum and popularity it’s starting to look like Britain is behind Brexit.


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