“Communist” John Mcdonnell calls for one million protesters to oust May

Shadow Chancellor, John Mcdonnell

John Mcdonnell has called upon all the liberal, left wing protesters to run riot on the streets to force Theresa May into another election & out of No. 10.

Mcdonnell has reportedly urged trade union bosses that Labour needed “every union mobilised” and for people to “get out on the streets”. He also told the people “We need people doing everything they can to ensure the election comes as early as possible.”

Several ultra-left wing groups are planning a undemocratic mass protest on the 1st of July in an attempt to send a message to DUP and the Torys.

This is typical of the Labour Party celebrating failure like it’s success just like the Communists they love so much! It’s not practical or democratic for the Labour Party to form their so called “Progressive Alliance”.


Shadow Chancellor, John Mcdonnell with Communists

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