Patriotic People’s Populist Media

Hello & welcome to Patriotic People’s Populist Media, I am Richard Sharpe founder of this political movement/online media site. I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction to what we are about.


St. Edmunds “White dragon flag” which is our logo








We are a Non-secretarian movement that was established to promote traditional British freedoms and values, including democracy, for all Britons, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or religion.

We are a Unionist movement which core values derive from Libertarianism, Populism and traditional Conservatism. We are fervently opposed to uncontrolled, unchecked immigration into the UK. Radical extremism, EU membership & political integration, left wing fascism, political correctness, multiculturalism, Sharia law and the degradation of British culture & values.

I hope you are willing to join us on our journey.


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