Net Migration 244,000 in just one year, 578,000 to UK

By September 2017 net migration was still hitting the hundreds of thousands, net migration stood at 244,000 in only one year.

While this is a little bit less than last year, it actually means  578,000 people came to the United Kingdom in just one year.

Any remainer inspired propaganda claiming that EU citizens would leave in great numbers is a complete lie. ONS reported  “There are still more EU citizens coming to the UK than leaving.”

Homelessness, London’s crime-wave, terrorism, imported gang-grooming culture, burdened NHS, limited school places and people struggling to get an operation or a simple GP appointment and our government wants to import hundreds of thousands more people?


Stasi had ‘Top Secret’ Files on Labour Action for Peace group, Jeremy Corbyn helped to run

The Ministry for State Security or State Security Service, commonly known as the Stasi, was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic or East Germany. They had ‘top secret’ files about a Labour group Jeremy Corbyn helped to run in the 1980’s, according to the Telegraph.

The shady intelligence agency and secret police service had a lot of eager interest in the Labour Action for Peace or (LAP).

The Labour leader, Corbyn was apparently an officer in the Labour Action for Peace group around this time then we went on to become vice chairman before he became it’s president.

The East German secret police service thought the activities of the Labour Action for Peace group were of “special importance” they also thought the group would be good at enacting Labour Party policies.

The files were highlighted by the Guido Fawkes website, this comes straight after Corbyn was reportedly associated with former Czechoslovakian agent Jan Sarkocy.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Czechoslovakian spy, Jan Sarkocy has reportedly claimed he met with Jeremy Corbyn three times, this claim is called “ridiculous” by Corbyn.

Yesterday during PMQS Theresa May mocked Corbyn for his reported spy links, this is adamantly denied by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Pressure mounts on the Corbyn to allow the release of the Stasi files which he was said of opened when he visited East Germany in the seventies.

Upon deeper examination of the files released by Guido Fawkes it goes on to suggest East Germany observed the Labour Action for Peace group in the eighties and thought the Communist leaning group’s stance on NATO was very similar to their’s.

The files stated: The position of leading representatives of the LAP coincides with that of the socialist countries: The blame for the escalation of the nuclear arms race is borne by the US and its NATO allies.”

The once secret records reveal that East German officials met up with members of the group and even some MPs.

Just after a Labour Action for Peace trip to East Germany a Stasi officer went on to say  “representatives of the LAP take up positions on fundamental issues that are largely in line with those of the socialist states”.

The East German secret police, Stasi obviously assumed LAP could go on to influence Labour’s policies.

The files also said: “Under the present conditions, with resolutions at the Labour Party’s annual conference from Sept. 28 to Oct. 3 preparing for the upcoming election campaign and focusing on the party’s security policy and a future Labour government, the Activity of the LAP of special importance.”

The worst part is this is not the first time Labour Action for Peace has been linked to the Stasi or the Soviet Union.

A Labour parliamentary candidate and someone who ran the group,  Cynthia Roberts is believed to have been a spy for the Czech government when it was under the yolk of the Soviet Union.

Back in 2008, it came out that in secret files held by the Czech security service, it claimed that she wrote up reports for the Communists for Conservative Party big-wigs like Margaret Thatcher and David Mellor.

Jeremy Corbyn who was at the time president of LAP “I don’t know Cynthia Roberts at all. Of course I’m surprised. I didn’t know her and this was long before I was involved in the organisation. I’m not going to be able to comment on people like Cynthia Roberts. The issue of the Cold War is one that has long passed.”

MI5, Scotland Yard and whoever else needs to seriously investigate the actions of Jeremy Corbyn and whoever else was involved with the LAP at the time of these allegations. The Labour Party has been infiltrated by communists even at the last general election the The Communist Party of Britain refused to let any of it’s candidates stand, choosing instead to champion Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn is a communist, plain and simple.

Four Members of London Boxing Club Murdered in 12 Months

The sickening normality of these young men being murdered in our capital city, London has been once again put into the spotlight after the recent murder  of  Promise Nkenda in London. He was only 17-years-old.

Karim Samms, Jordan Ajobo and Corey Junior Davis have also been brutally murdered in the past twelve months as well, all of these young men attended the Fight For Peace charity This is according the London Evening Standard.

Jacob Whittingham, Head of programmes for Fight For Peace had this to say “The levels of knife and gun crime in London at present are completely intolerable, with young people in disadvantaged communities being disproportionately affected.”

Whittingham also made a statement on the killing of Nkenga: “What is shocking is the way it has become normalised. All of the young people seem to just accept it. They are desensitised.”

Jacob Whittingham went on to state: “We would not comment on whether or not Promise’s death was a result of a postcode war as it could have been a variety of things. It could be the result of a rival area. We don’t want to say that it was a gang either.

“The sad fact is it could be either one of those or a combination of all of them. What is shocking is the way it has become normalised. All of the young people seem to just accept it. They are desensitised.

“Promise was a big character at Fight for Peace and his presence will be sorely missed by all of those whose lives he touched.”

Our capital is virtually riotous and under the premiership of Sadiq Khan violent crime only seems to be getting worse day by day. Postcode wars/Gang-culture, stabbings, shootings and the cowardly acid attacks are all on the rise and it seems to be getting beyond police control. Anyone that denies that this is mostly down to a Class-A drug-pushing gang sub-culture that we have imported en-mass from the third-world obviously has never spent a day in the real world. We need more armed police officer on the streets of London and much tougher sentences for knife-crime, gun-crime, acid-attacks and gang-crime.

Poll: 63% Of British Business Leaders Back Brexit

Many people will try and deceive you and tell you that businesses in the UK are overwhelmingly against Brexit, it looks like more propaganda from the remainers.

City AM reported, that 63% of big business bosses said they support Brexit personally. Reportedly 53% claimed leaving the EU would be the best choice for the UK overall in terms of the economy and even 53% it would benefit their company.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only the British that have a positive outlook on Brexit. The vast majority of business bosses in Germany for the EU in economic terms and the French business bosses  backed Brexit 71% to 29%.

This is after a survey of 2,500 big business bosses, it reveals organisations like CBI, who attacked Brexit and allied themselves with the remainers because of their Euro-fanatic ideology, these people are not the voice of the vast majority of big business bosses in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, the head boss of the CBI, spoke to businesses across the nation, attempted to urge British Prime Minister, Theresa May to stay in the Customs Union. These silly statements have not fermented very well given this poll.

Leaving the yolk of the European Union’s red-tape and protectionism is the best opportunity the United Kingdom has had in decades to become a fully-independent strong sovereign nation-state democracy again and seize the opportunities trading globally as a super-power brings to the table.

YouGov Poll: 48% Support Compulsory Military Service, 36% Oppose

A brand-new YouGov poll revealed 48% of people that voted in the poll supporting bringing back compulsory military service in the UK are against it. And 36% are opposed to it.

This comes after a Westmonster poll about the exact same thing and 55% backed national service in the UK.

After French President, Emmanuel Macron declared that he is bring back compulsory national service for women and men. They will have to serve a month in the army to receive “a direct experience of military life with its know-how and demands”.

The French president believes it will enhance patriotism and social cohesion.

Strangely, more women than men support it.  50% to 45%.

supporters and members from Conservatives and the UKIP are the most supportive of compulsory national service, and  66% and 82% come out in favour of it. In regards to Labour supporters 36% support it,  and 49% against it, 42% of Liberal Democrats support it, 45% oppose it.


Uzbek Asylum Seeker Now Terrorist Pleads Guilty To Committing Stockholm Terror Attack

Uzbek terrorist, Rakhmat  murdered five innocents and injured around ten people. A former Uzbek asylum seeker now terrorist pleaded guilty to charges of terrorism after he cowardly drove a truck down a busy shopping street in Stockholm, murdering  five people.

Rakhmat the 39-year-old terrorist injured roughly ten people, a court heard how some of the innocent bystanders were left with brain damage or limbs with amputated.

The cowardly terrorist admitted to  “cause fear in the population” with the potential to injure around 150 people.

Even Rakhmat’s own lawyers said the Islamic terrorist intention was:  “was to instigate fear and to get Sweden to end its participation in the coalition against the Islamic State”.

The worst part is this Islamic terrorist had his asylum application rejected a while before the terrorist attack,that is according to the police Regional Strategic Commander, Jan Evensson.

Apparently prosecutors in the country are trying to deport the Islamic terrorist. Why the hell wasn’t he apprehended when his application was rejected and kicked out? UK, Europe and the West is being menaced by terrorists posing as ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’ that end up causing a lot of terror, rape and the degradation of Western values, culture and civilisation.

Denmark: Set To Be The Latest European Nation To Ban The Burqa

In Denmark The Danish Ministry of Justice released a statement stipulating that they are planning to ban the Burqa (full-face Veil) and fine people that refuse to stop wearing it.


The Danish Ministry of Justice stated: “In Denmark, we will meet each other properly – face to face,” And basically went on to say that in Danish society you must be able to see each others faces to identify them. Swedish media SVT reported. 

If the ban takes effect, it will also include balaclavas, if you break this law you will get a 1,000 Krone (£119/$166) fine if you repeat the crime again you might be handed a £900/$1,257 fine. There was talk about a three month custodial sentence but this was not included.


It’s a bit different from the Austrian burqa ban, that outlaws all full-face covering even silly things like Halloween outfits, The Danes will have a few sensible exceptions like wearing scarves and wearing outfits on special occasions.

Many burqa-wearing Muslims left Austria after the law took effect. But there has been some mild resistance like a woman reminding a Burqa wearer about the ban was attacked. 


Denmark will bravely follow the example of other European nations that have also banned the burqa,  the fully or in part. Countries like France, Holland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, and even some parts of Switzerland.

There has been some protest to the burqa ban like the foolish Algerian millionaire Rachid Nekkaz that has promised to pay the fines of burqa wearing women in Europe. The Algerian millionaire even made a pointless trip to Vienna where he broke the Austrian veil law by going around in a Halloween mask and was later arrested for breaking the law.

Rachid Nekkaz even visited Austria again and attempted to ten different burqa fines and even went on the attack at Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who formulated the original legislation for the burqa ban.


The burqa is an affront to Western democracy, culture, security and society it’s not logical to let people we can’t see travel around without being able to identify them for security purposes. It’s a chauvinistic practise for insecure religious zealots that want to control how their women live their everyday lives and keep them bound in servitude to the family and them, the burqa makes it extremely difficult for the wearer to become involved in normal society they struggle to find employment, friends and expressing their freedom and individuality.

The United Kingdom should follow suit and ban the full-face veil (Burqa) for three simple reasons:

  • Safeguarding British Culture & Society.
  • Protecting the rights of women and letting them express their individuality.
  • Security. It’s not logical to let people we can’t see travel around concealed.

Anna Soubry, Conservative MP: I Couldn’t Remain In A Conservative Party Led By Jacob Rees-Mogg

Soubry, 61 has claimed she would leave a Conservative Party led by Jacob Rees-Mogg supposedly because of his stance on abortion and Brexit. We are sure he’s not losing any sleep over losing the support of his Euro-fanatic colleague.

She voiced her foam outrage of ‘Moggmentum’ by blasting on  ITV’s GMB:  “I couldn’t stay in a party led by somebody like him.”

The Euro-fanatic went on to say she was “really cheesed off” with Brexiteers pushing for a  “hard Brexiteers” when this is simply just the Brexit the 17.4 million people voted for. Anna Soubry is a Conservative and the Conservatives have a mandate from the people to completely leave the EU and become a fully independent sovereign nation-state democracy so, why does she not forget about the EU and back Brexit?

If ‘Moggmentum’ continues to rise and Jacob Rees-Mogg become the Tory, Soubry could be packing her bags and joining the Labour Party.

HMICFRS Report: Hampshire Constabulary Bow To Political Correctness Because People From The ‘BAME Community’ Are More Likely To Be ‘Stopped And Searched’ Than White People, ‘The Force Is Not Representative Of Its Community Because The Percentage Of BAME Officers Is Lower Than The Percentage Of BAME People In The Local Population’

Annual government Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy (PEEL) inspection handed Hampshire Constabulary an overall “good” rating. But the politically correct report managed to find some areas for improvement like Black people being more than 8.1 times likely to be stopped and searched by the police than white people and ‘Diversity’. 


The report seems to be just trying to get Hampshire Constabulary to start stopping and searching less people from the BAME community and start employing more people from the BAME community.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) conducted the report, they thanked Hampshire Constabulary for their hard work during increased crime rates, an apparent  “excellent” professional relationships with many organisations and a “positive approach to wellbeing”.

Sara Glen the Chief Constable commented on the report and pandered to the supposed areas of improvement: “Hampshire Constabulary is a force that cares for the public it serves and its workforce” and went on to say “plans in place to address” the highlighted “areas for improvement”. So in other words she wants police in Hampshire to stop searching so many people from the BAME community and start employing more people from the BAME community.

So, what is Peel?

PEEL stands for the police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy programme.PEEL is the programme in which HMIC draws together evidence from its annual all-force inspections. The evidence is used to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy of the police. HMIC has introduced these assessments so that the public will be able to judge the performance of their force and policing as a whole.

The effectiveness of a force is assessed in relation to how it carries out its responsibilities including cutting crime, protecting the vulnerable, tackling anti-social behaviour, and dealing with emergencies and other calls for service.

Its efficiency is assessed in relation to how it provides value for money.

Its legitimacy is assessed in relation to whether the force operates fairly, ethically and within the law.

The evidence from inspections, together with the context within which forces operate, allows HMIC to make an assessment of each of the 43 police forces in England and Wales.


So, what is Stop and Search?


Chief Constable Sara Glen is just another puppet for the cultural Marxists who want apparently rub the noses of the people of Hampshire in diversity by employing more people from the BAME community into the Police Service not through merit or skill but simply to even up the percentages a little and stop searching so many people from the BAME community but not through fairness and equality but simply through appeasement and political correctness.

This comes after the Cold-blooded stabbing of Richard Hardy in Farnborough, Hampshire involving six members of the BAME community.

Renew Party: New British Political Party Hell-Bent On Reversing Brexit And Being Similar To Macron’s En Marche!

There is a brand new political party in the UK which is hell-bent on reversing Brexit, reducing supposed inequality and becoming a re-branded En Marche. They are in the process of preparing to hold events in towns, cities and universities in the UK.

The new Euro-fanatic party ‘Renew’ has a so-called   “people-centred” approach which is somewhat similar Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche! and some would say it’s what secured him his victory.  This is not the only thing that makes these two parties similar. Renew claims to be at the centre ground of British politics and Macron claims the same in France.

The illiberal Renew party that wants to reverse the referendum that saw 17.4 million people vote for Brexit has somehow secured well over 200 candidates for local and national elections. Their first political battle will come in May in the London and English council election.

En Marche political figures will attend the events in London with Renew Party to give them advice and offer them support in becoming a mainstream political party.

 Renew Party – Core Idea

Stop Brexit – a second referendum 

Our country is divided by the EU referendum because many people feel they were lied to.

We believe a second referendum is overwhelmingly in the interests of both Brexit and Remain supporters. This referendum would be on the final deal negotiated with the EU, so the country can vote on the reality of Brexit and come to an informed decision.

With a hung parliament, an election could happen at any time. We will put pressure on all politicians to offer a second referendum by standing parliamentary candidates in every constituency in the UK.

The illiberal Renew Party seeks to become a haven for disenfranchised culture-less people from the younger generation who supposedly feel “politically homeless” after the result of the EU referendum and they supposedly feel they are an alternative to traditional political parties because Ms Khadouri stated they are “weak, divided and out of touch”.

Renew is apparently crowd funded but also supported by a single donor but I wonder how long it will be until the EU or George Soros hands them some cash?

The United Kingdom does not need any more EU-loving political parties we already have the three main traditional parties plagued with remoaners calling for a second-referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. To me it looks like a scheme developed by Macron, the EU and the Euro-fanatics in the UK to aide the reversal of Brexit and give the remoaners a fake grass-roots party that doesn’t resemble a globalist movement.

Renew will not help the working-class or working-class communities.

British Foreign-Policy Think-Tank: Warns National Union For Students (NUS) Campaign ‘Has Become Vehicle for Extremist Interests’

The Henry Jackson Society has warned in a report that the National Union for Students (NUS) campaign to scrap the government’s anti-extremism initiative has sadly become a “vehicle” for radical Islamic attentiveness and participation, don’t believe us this is according to one of the leading British foreign-policy think-tanks.

Suspects Not Suspects, developed into NUS policy officially in 2015. They have befriended radical extremist speakers who are linked to radical Islamic organisations like MEND, CAGE, the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), and Friends of al-Aqsa, and even brag about hearing from Moazzam Begg a suspected terrorist and former Guantanamo bay inmate now outreach director of CAGE.


Author of the report, Richard Black gives us a warning: “‘Students Not Suspects’ has effectively become a vehicle for extremist interests,” He goes on to say “It advances extremist tropes, extremist speakers and extremist narratives – all the while attacking anybody, NUS officials or otherwise, who distance themselves from its position.”

“They have accused critics and fellow students of being motivated by racism and Islamophobia,” the report goes on say, that anti-Semitic people enjoy great ‘Influence’  in Students Not Suspects and are usually highly regarded.

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act (CTSA), in 2015 pressed public organisations to take “due regard to the need to prevent individuals from being drawn into terrorism”, this has some relevance to universities in the UK, the report says, university students convicted of terrorist crimes, and three radicalised Islamic terrorists have studied at universities in the United Kingdom.

REPORT: More Then 100 Radical Speakers Invited To British Universities

The month after that, NUS National Conference proceeded with a motion claiming that it will “not engage with the Prevent strategy”, making the absurd claim it was to “monitor and control Muslim students” and even saying that is forced education staff to basically spy on people.

part of the motion meant the NUS befriended and worked with the radical Islamic group CAGE, in the past CAGE praised radical Islamic terrorist and online executioner ‘Jihadi John’ by calling him a “beautiful young man”.

The former-NUS president, Toni Pearce claimed the student union would not do any work with CAGE, they lied later on in 2015, NUS betrayed the British people and broke their promise they held their new tour with Moazzam Begg possible terrorist and former Guantanamo Bay inmate now CAGE director and founder at King’s College London.

Back in 2016, six universities were investigated by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) for allowing radical extremists from CAGE speak at events. The six universities were:

  • Manchester,
  • Birmingham,
  • King’s College London
  • The School of Oriental and African Studies
  • Bradford
  • The University of East London

The author of the report wrote: “By officially endorsing the ‘Students Not Suspects’ campaign, the NUS continues to align itself with extremists against societal attempts to challenge the threat they pose,”

“Far from moderating its message, ‘Students Not Suspects’ has… developed ever closer links to extremist organisations.

“This divisive campaign continues to alienate moderate students and further undermines the credibility and legitimacy of the NUS amongst government, policy-makers, and wider civil society.

“More worryingly, if left unchecked, it threatens to undermine the work of Prevent coordinators and leaves vulnerable students exposed to extremist speakers and organisations targeting campuses.”

We need a full-blown police investigation into radical extremist links to universities, schools, student unions and any other institutions that are linked to radical political and religious extremism.

80% Support Jacob Rees-Mogg In Westmonster Twitter Poll

A poll conducted by Westmonster on social media site Twitter saw Rees-Mogg surge to the top, 80% supported JRM to be the next Tory leader.

Westmonster asked it’s online followers who they would support as the next Conservative Party Leader out of the following:

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg MP 
  • Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
  • Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

An amazing 80% of Twitter users supported Mogg, Boris got 10%, Gove received 6% and Davis got a paltry 4%.

3,417 users Twitter users took part.

I believe this is what they refer to as ‘Moggmentum’. Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May is backsliding, stalling and selling out her people during this so-called Brexit ‘Transition Period’ and negotiations. This isn’t the Brexit the 17.4 million people voted for on the 23rd June 2016. Since the people voted to leave the EU the Tory-led British government have not delivered the mandate they were given by the people and that means new leadership is needed within the Conservative Party and the United Kingdom needs a new Prime Minister.

United Kingdom Must Exit Customs Union To Take Back Control, Liam Fox Declares

This comes straight after a report of a possibly government betrayal. Liam Fox the International Trade Secretary has reiterated that the UK must leave the Customs Union if it’s to become a truly global Brexit Britain.


Making his case in China, Liam Fox told Bloomberg : “It is very difficult to see how being in a Customs Union is compatible with having an independent trade policy because we would therefore be dependent on what the EU negotiated in terms of its trading policies and we’d be following behind that.

“We have to be outside of that to take advantage of those growing markets. One of the reasons we are leaving the European Union is to take control and that’s not possible with a common external tariff.”


Fox’s Brexit comments after reports in the Financial Times claiming Theresa May’s advisers were conjuring up a secret plot to formulate a deal with the European Union that would greatly hinder Britain’s sovereignty.

The British government are becoming increasingly feeble and unfit for purpose, this is just another day of mixed messages. Time stops for no man or nation the British people are fed up with the cowardly government Brexit negotiations or lack of them.

Farnborough Murder Investigation Update: All Five Cowards Charged With Murder Over The Cold-Blooded Stabbing Of Richard Hardy

Richard Hardy was stabbed to his unfortunate death in Farnborough, Hampshire during the daytime on the 26th January. Tributes have been placed at the scene.


All five of the sub-cultured cowards have got their first appearance in crown court for murdering local man Richard Hardy in Farnborough.

All five of them were remanded into police custody after their first appearance at Winchester Crown on Wednesday the 31st of January.

All of the murderers will stay in custody until their plea and preparation trial hearing on April 4.

While the emergency services found Hardy, 25 with ‘Multiple Stab Wounds’ by Mayfield road around 1.45pm on Friday 26th January.

Sadly he was announced dead at the scene. No one deserves to die like that.

On the night of 29th of January, Hampshire Constabulary charged five murderous cowards with murder jointly:

Leroy Bosha, 26 from Aldwick Close in Farnborough.

Luther Archibald, 31 from Totland Close in Farnborough.

Luther Archibald, 31

Hashim Siddique, 19 from Fintry Walk in Farnborough.

Hashim Siddique, 19 

Qasan Siddique, 22 from Fintry Walk in Farnborough. (Brother of Hashim)

Qasan Siddique, 22

Omar Goodridge, 20 from Montgomery Way in Portsmouth.

Omar Goodridge, 20 


Richard Hardy, 25 

Some lovely tributes have been paid to Hardy after his death.

In a very moving statement, his family said “Richard was a much loved son and brother who will be massively missed by many. Our hearts are broken.”

Flower tributes have placed around a tree in honour of Richard Hardy.

Three more people were arrested and questioned in connection to Richard Hardy’s death:

A 24-year-old local man was arrested under investigation but was later released.

A 30-year-old local women was arrested but was later released with no further action.

A 16-year-old was arrested on Friday was was later released with no further action.


The murderers firstly appeared at Basingstoke Magistrates Court on Tuesday the 30th of January  but then the case went to Winchester.

We obviously have real genuine problems with second, third or even fourth generation immigrants from the third-world in this country who feel disenfranchised with British society and culture and it forces them live in a culture within a culture. All of these cowardly knife-men were either Crack cocaine dealers or users and obviously none of them have any regard for human life. We are living in a society and community where we have a fifth-column that seeks nothing more than to cause us harm and destroy every fibre of our cultural identity so we are left with the same miss-mash of the same multicultural cultural identity.

If you want more Knives, guns, gangs, terrorists, drugs and general crime ignore this article and call it racist and pretend that I’m making it a race issue, I assure you I am not, I am making this a culture issue.


Farnborough Murder Investigation Update: Five Men Charged With Cold-Bloodedly Murdering Local British Man Richard Hardy, All Murderers Are Not Indigenous Native British As Usual

Police detectives investigating the murder of Richard Hardy and they have charged five men tonight the 29th January for murder jointly.

Hardy, 25 was found with ”Multiple Stab Wounds’ dead at the scene of the crime during the day on the 26th January on Mayfield Road.

The five men charged for murder we will name and shame:

Leroy Bosha, 26 from Aldwick Close, Farnborough

Luther Archibald, 31 from Totland Close, Farnborough

Luther Archibald, 31

Hashim Siddique, 19 from Fintry Walk, Farnborough

Hashim Siddique, 19

Qasan Siddique, 22 from Fintry Walk, Farnborough (Brother of Hashim)

Qasan Siddique, 22

Omar Goodridge, 20 from Montgomery Way Portsmouth

Omar Goodridge, 20

All of these cowardly men are going to appear in Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court today. 30th January.

A 24-year old male has been released from police custody but remains under investigation. He is a local to Farnborough.

A woman aged 30 from Farnborough has been released with NFA (No further Action).

All of these men are either Pakistani-Muslims or from the Black community. A local British man was murdered cold bloodedly by a pack of radical fifth-column crack dealers from Farnborough. We need to tackle the problems we face from rape, knife-crime, gun-crime and gang-culture and unfortunately it’s a lot of people from the third-world disenfranchised and lost within a culture so they follow a kind of grime music sub-culture where they think it is cool to send each other rap videos abusing each other, stabbing people and selling hard drugs.



Authoritarian EU: Declares UK Can Have “Status Quo Transition Without Institutional Representation” Until The End Of 2020

It looks like the UK will not leave the EU properly until 2021. Sabine Weyand the EU’s Deputy Brexit Negotiator declared that the UK “status quo transition without institutional representation” until the end of 2020, maybe even 2021.


Basically it would mean that the Brexit the 17.4 million voted for would not go into effect. ECJ rules (EU law), mass-immigration (Open Borders), seemingly never-ending bribes to Brussels and no real ability to forge trade deals with the world until 2020. This is a disgrace and not what the British people voted for.

The people that voted for the UK to leave the EU and anyone with any real regard for democracy and self-determination will be outraged by this undemocratic “status quo” that essentially makes us a Vassal-Kingdom to the European Union. The Brits voted for freedom and independence from the shackles of EU tyranny but now they are being forced into no real Brexit at all for five years or more. This goes against everything being British stands for!

British MPs Reject Petition To ‘Leave EU Immediately’

People in the UK are getting fed up with this so-called ‘Transition Deal’. Borders, law and sovereignty are very important to the British. MPs have rejected the petition backed by 138,107 people calling for immediate withdrawal from the EU, I mean why not? Who wants to wait years? The British people are ready to leave the authoritarian political club they call the European Union.

The public feel betrayed by Theresa May’s shamble of a deal that supports the continuation of freedom of movement, calls for ECJ rules and their superiority over British law and our territorial waters being usurped and our fishermen being stitched up for many years to come.

The petition, started by Brexiteer Jack Taylor was created in September and calls for the government to “walk away from the Article 50 negotiations and leave the EU immediately with no deal”.

The petition states:  “The EU looks set to offer us a punishment deal out of spite. Why wait another 18 months when we could leave right away and fully take back control of our country, lawmaking powers and borders?”

Peter Grant the SNP Europe Spokesman belittled the people who signed the petition, stating: “I genuinely don’t understand what people who signed this petition think is going to happen if we were to leave tomorrow without a deal.”

Labour’s shadow minister for Exiting the EU, Jenny Chapman made the silly claim:  “Nobody voted to be poorer, and to lose their job, for chaos, to be less safe – that is what would happen if we accepted as we are urged to do, the petition.”

The scary part is not one MP spoke in support of the petition, and according the BBC  “most of the leading Eurosceptics from the Conservative benches did not attend”. How disgraceful is that? 17.4 million voted to leave the EU and none of our MPs are properly standing up for Brexit.

The UK government made long boring excuse of a reply that we all know could change at any given moment:

“In leaving the EU the Government will seek the best deal for the UK maximising the benefits from leaving the EU – control over our borders, laws and money – while maintaining the greatest possible access to EU markets and continuing to work with our European neighbours on common problems. After withdrawal, the UK will bring an end to the direct jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the United Kingdom.

“The Prime Minister has been clear that the days of Britain making vast contributions to the European Union every year will end. The European Commission has set out the European Union’s position on the financial settlement, and the Government is undertaking a rigorous examination of the detail of this.

“The Government has already introduced legislation to ensure the UK exits the EU with certainty, continuity and control. A smooth and orderly exit is in the national interest and further legislation will be introduced to deliver that.”

The people of Britain, and especially the brexiteers are getting fed up of this long drawn out EU withdrawal date and the feeble effort from the Prime Minister to negotiate the UK getting control over it’s borders, law-making and fisheries.



London Gun Crime Chaos: 44% Increase In Offences Since 2014, Guns Being Shipped In From Eastern Europe

The London Assembly report is scary stuff.  London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee conducted a study and found that gun related offences have surged by 44% in London the capital city of the UK since 2014. With ever increasing numbers of guns are being shipped in from all across the globe.

The report  exposes that since 2014, the crimes in relation to guns in the capital city has surged by 44%. The report also tells us that in 2017 452 non-lethal firearms were fired and 318 lethal-firearms were fired. How disgraceful is that?

In 2017 59% of gun crime offenders were aged 25 or younger and young people made up nearly a third of gun crime victims. We are being left with a lawless capital city and an extremely disenfranchised youth, something needs to change.

The report conducted by the committee also found that  a “small but increasing number of weapons originating from Eastern Europe”, yet another example of why we need to get a grip on our borders and leave the EU.

Gangs in London are responsible for nearly half of all crimes where a lethal weapon is fired the report also went on to note. This proves London is turning into a ghettoised multicultural nightmare of gangs, acid-attacks, gun-crime, knife-crime and terror. Sadiq Khan has a lot to answer for he is a failure as a the Mayor of London and an embarrassment as an internationally representative of the UK.

 “We believe that a lot of it (gun crime) is associated with the drugs trade and by that, I mean people dealing drugs at a street
level and disagreements between different groups of people in
gangs dealing those drugs.”

Jim Stokley, Temporary Commander, Gangs & Organised Crime, MPS

According to the report The two main drivers of gun crime in the capital are said to be drug and gang activity.”, how long will these arm-chair politicians sit there idle while the people in London suffer under the Sadiq Khan.

It’s abundantly clear that the government need to intervene in the chaos in London and London needs a new Mayor.

There needs to be more officers armed on the streets of London I don’t envy their job for a minute and hope the Mayor and government properly equip the MET for the job. We need the government to do something before London is engulfed by lawlessness and becomes a complete no-go zone.

Patriotic People’s Populist Media have contacted Lisa Lam, Communications Officer for the Police and Crime Committee report for a comment on the ethnicities of the gun-crime victims and offenders as it was not listed, we await comment.

French President, Emmanuel Macron: Demands More Cash For EU Deal From The UK

You’d think handing 44.5 Million to the French would get them on our side you’d be wrong. Our Prime Minister Theresa May has now suffered another embarrassing demand at the hands of Macron after he said the UK would have to pay up front to access the Single Market and allow the European Court of Justice to rule supreme.

This is what Theresa May gets for surrendering 44.5 million. 

Should we be surprised? Macron has had Theresa May doing everything she’s been told to and more. So he asks for even more?

The French President, Macron made this relevant statement:  “I’m here neither to punish nor to reward. I want to make sure that the Single Market is preserved because that’s very much the heart of the EU.

“If you want access to the Single Market, including financial services, be my guest. But it means you need to contribute to the budget and acknowledge the European jurisdiction.

“Such are the rules.”

Let me get this straight. ‘Theresa The Appeaser’ bribed the French with 44.5 million for Calais and even offered to take in some ‘Child Migrants’, and now Macron wants the UK to fill up the EU purse? This no country in Europe has had such a bad deal from their European counterparts since the German Empire signed the ‘Treaty of Versailles’. 


MP’S Vote Against ‘Human Rights Charter Amendment’ To Brexit Withdrawal Bill

British MP’s have voted against a Labour amendment which sole purpose is to soften Brexit further and shackle the UK to European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights by putting it into British law.

The Labour EU fanatic plot called  ‘Amendment 4’ intended for the Brexit withdrawal bill, which was passed last September, was voted against 317 votes to 299 on Tuesday, in spite of Tory EU fanatic, Kenneth Clarke.

Dominic Grieve the former Conservative Attorney General who has been a remainer for a very long time backed the government after be reassured by key ministers.

Reportedly 300 or more amendments were first of all put on the bill, nearly all of them had an ulterior motive to slow down or stop Brexit entirely.

Brexit was supposed to be about regaining our ability to vote on and enact laws in the UK, becoming a fully independent sovereign nation state democracy, forging trade deals across the globe, regaining control of our borders and protecting our culture and heritage but instead our MP’s fight over amendments on a withdrawal bill…

It has been reported that the there are schemes in the House of Commons put betray the British public and enact all EU law into British law after we leave the EU some time in 2019. There are a few exceptions, like the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The report reads: “The Charter of Fundamental Rights is not part of domestic law on or after exit day.”

EU fanatics have generally been against this bill, they argue that it gives the executive too much power.

The government has made the case that these rights have already been covered by law in the UK.

Conservative MP, John Redwood made the following statement:  “that the best guarantee of the fundamental rights of the British people is the will of the British people as expressed through the Parliaments they elect”.

“That is the system I thought we all believed in. I know of no threats to these important rights coming from this Parliament,” he told the house.

“There are not people proposing that they are watered down, and there would be no majority to do so. The guarantee to the British people is that their Parliament will look after their rights.”

Though, Dominic Grieve obviously did not really agree making this statement:  “the whole point about the Human Rights Act was that it added to protections enjoyed under the common law and did so in a way that was compatible with this House’s sovereignty.”

“Nice as it is to rely upon the Executive’s goodwill… that goodwill is not something that we should always rely on,” he then went on to say.

The Labour Party. Lib Dem’s and those traitorous few Tory fanatic MP’s need to do their job and work in the interests of the 17.4 million people that voted to leave the 28-member bloc.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President Of the European Commission: Would Be More Then Happy To ‘Facilitate’ UK Remaining In The EU

The authoritarian EU fanatics are starting to worry. Very clear calls are being heard from the bully boys from Brussels to halt Brexit and trick the UK into remaining in the EU, even the President Of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker added his pennies worth today.

Juncker made this statement in the EU parliament this morning: “Our hand remains outstretched. The UK people, the UK government, may wish to find a different way out. We’re very much willing to deal with them. We are not throwing the British out. We would like the British to stay. And if they so wish, they should be allowed to do so.

“I did note that in London there was a rather irritated response to this proposal. But, note that even if the British leave according to article 50, then article 94 would allow them to accede again. And I would be happy to facilitate that. I would not want to push anyone into a corner.”

And funnily enough this comes just after his EU fanatic colleague Donald Tusk made this cringe-worthy statement: “hearts are still open” to the UK in Brussels.

Is this any surprise? they come grovelling to us just after handing us the worst deal in history since the Germans were  forced into the ‘Treaty of Versailles’. Is this because one of their top net contributors is leaving? This is a very obvious shady attempt to pull the wool over our eyes and stop Brexit from becoming the brilliant reality it will be.

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Elected As Chairman Of The European Research Group, Promises To Focus On Borders & Law

Probably one of the most honest and genuine Tory MP’s that reside in our parliament, Rees-Mogg has been elected as the Chairman of the European Research Group.

Jacob Rees-Mogg stated: ‘It is especially important to achieve control of our laws, control immigration and achieve new trade agreements with other countries.’

The highly prestigious Conservative Brexiteer group is a probably the leading group for Tory Brexit backers.  

Rees-Mogg went on to state:  “In this role I am keen to help the government implement the principles laid down by the Prime Minister, Mrs. Theresa May, in her Lancaster House speech. It is especially important to achieve control of our laws, control immigration and achieve new trade agreements with other countries.”

JRM has been highly observant and critical of his own party, the Conservatives and the British government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations during the ‘Transition Period’. He is fervently opposed to the superiority of the European Courts and any kind of watering down or faking of Brexit.

The call of the 17.4 million people that voted for Brexit need’s to be answered. It falls to Populist’s whether they be Tory, UKIP, Labour or even Lib Dem to answer this call and re-gain the UK’s independence as a sovereign nation state democracy, save our territorial fishing waters and protect our fishermen, Leave ECJ rules, end Freedom of Movement of people and listen to whatever else the ‘Silent Majorities’ problems are.

Every Single House In Sweden Will Receive A Guide On How To Handle Terror Attacks

The scariest part is it will be the first time since WW2. Sweden is going to send out a guide to every single household in Sweden detailing how to deal with terror attacks just as the security of the country drops.

5a5cb2e9fc7e9392498b4567 (1).jpg


The booklet called  ‘If War Comes’ handed out in the 1940’s in the earliest days of WW2 contained helpful hints and tips on what you should do in Sweden is attacked.

The Swedish government will now update that version to tell the people of Sweden how to deal with terror attacks, natural disasters and even war.  Aftonbladet a Swedish newspaper reported.

And that comes after Sweden has been plagued by explosion after explosion, grenades and many more terrorist related incidents.

The government issued booklet is planned to  ‘revive civil defence’, and that means the whole nation will help against an invasion or terror not just the military.

Swedish Civil Protection and Preparedness Agency spokeswoman Christina Andersson made a statement: “There are a number of concepts linked to warfare and military attacks that we have not communicated to people for many years. It is a challenge.”

It is absolutely crazy that liberals, remainers & the globalists all deny these plain and simple facts, Sweden is clearly preparing for war or an invasion from within. A first-world European nation-state democracy. Can you see any other reason the Swedish government would issue this booklet and start preparing their citizens?

Photos: 19th Century German Church Destroyed, Whilst Mosques Multiply Nationwide

The Church of St Lambertus a 19th century historic building in Immerath, Germany, has been destroyed even though the public has demonstrated against the decision to destroy this church, whilst mosques and so-called Islamic centres spread like wild fire through the country.

The massive beautiful historic church was “notable for its double towers and neo-Romanesque design” according to the Catholic Herald, it was destroyed by RWE mining company so they can open an opencast lignite mine.

The farmland surrounding St Lambertus and the church itself were brought many years ago, St Lambertus was officially deconsecrated in 2013.

Apparently history and culture mean nothing these days. The Villagers have been located to a brand new site, with a new church built “according to a modern design”.

Bodies have been exhumed from the graveyard of the church. The church was known to locals as as a ‘cathedral’ due to its massive size and beautiful architecture.

Church of St Lambertus, Before demolition work 


The new St Lambertus church, Modernistic without charm or culture 

Brexit: EU Want TO Force The UK Into Fisheries Quotas Until 2021

The EU are trying to dictate terms to a nation of people people that voted to Leave their 28-member bloc on the 23rd June, 2016. The UK could be forced into keeping EU fishing quotas during the while ‘Transitional Period’ is takes place and that could be until 2021. And that’s according to The Guardian. 

Reportedly diplomats from the EU are in agreement that there should be no changes with the quota system that is systemically causing destruction to coastal communities in the United Kingdom.

In other words, the EU tell the UK what fish it can catch or even what fish it can’t catch inside it’s own territorial waters, whilst not letting the UK have any input on EU fishing policy during this ‘Transition Period’. And they call this democracy?

One shameless EU diplomat reportedly said regarding Michael Gove’s ‘take back control of our waters’ statement:  “We notice Gove hasn’t repeated that recently. Perhaps he has been reined in, because it isn’t going to happen.” Why is there uproar from the Conservative Party? where is their defence of the coastal communities and UK fishermen? the answer is no where.

I don’t believe this is the Brexit the 17.4 million Brexiteers voted for, do you? What fantasy do the elites in Brussels live in? it is just another demonstration of their complete disregard for nation state democracy and yet another example of their authoritarian tendencies.

The British people want their waters back!

Nigel Farage MEP: EU may not exist in ten years time

The European Union is a lot more politically flimsy then people realise. Nigel has made the claim that the European Union will soon not exist in its current political formation, saying that the countries like Hungary’s Viktor Orban are pushing back heavily against the EU overlords.

Nigel Farage spoke at a LBC Charity event, he said: “Ultimately the populist revolution of 2016, as people see it, it’s not a short-term blip.

“Actually, I would say…in 10 years’ time the European Union will not exist and that will be a good thing!”

There is absolutely no doubt that elections taking place all over the European continent now days, the politicians and political parties opposed to mass uncontrolled immigration and further political integration are rapidly gaining support.

Merely 11% of people Hungary support left-wing political parties. 

It’s come to a point that the EU overlords are punishing nation state democracies like Hungary & Poland with threats of sanctions, the EU dream is over and the organisation is failing and losing support day by day. Brexit is just the tip of the iceberg.

BREAKING NEWS: Female British National, 27, Arrested at Heathrow airport for ‘preparing terror acts’ just after a flight from Ethiopia

Counter-terrorism police have arrested a 27-year old woman on the suspicion that she was scheming to plot a terrorist attack according to Scotland Yard.

She had barely arrived from Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia when she was intercepted and detained on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts under section 5 of the Terrorist Act 2006, again according to Scotland Yard.

This is a developing story. 

A MET police spokesman had this to say:

‘She was detained under PACE and taken to a south London police station, where she currently remains in police custody.

‘Enquiries continue.’

There will be more to follow on this story.

European Commission doesn’t rule out extending UK’s Brexit ‘Transitional Period’ beyond 2020

The authoritarians they call the European Commission are debating if they should extend the strange ‘Transitional Period’  Britain has found herself in, even after Brexit and even beyond 2020.

Originally orchestrated as a period of two years for the UK to leave the 28-member bloc called the EU in name only. Supposedly we are leaving officially in 2019. Virtually nothing will change in our commitments and relations with the EU during this time.

The UK will carry on paying vast sums of money into the EU purse, probably still implement new EU law and regulations, let the EU dominate our territorial waters intended for our fishermen, the Free movement machine will continue to run, and the EU court will continue to be supreme. But I doubt we will be allowed to send our MEP’s to the EU parliament or be in attendance in of the meetings of the European Council.

Key brexit campaigner & former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has had his say on these conditions at the moment as “not a deal” but “capitulation”.

And now the EU is thinking about whether it should or not it should extend the watered down Brexit to 2020 or even beyond that, a number of ambassadors from some of the EU-member states talking about it in Brussels on 10th January.

“The Commission didn’t rule out that ‘the transition period’ could be prolonged.” a diplomat was was there at the time told POLITICO.

The worrying thing is that the UK could be blackmailed into handing away more money, even more than Theresa May and her government dominated by remainers agreed to pay. The EU budget commences in 2021.

One diplomat said: “If there’s an extension that overlaps with the new budget, London will have to pay,”

Nigel Farage envisioned this scheming tactic a long time ago, with EU fanatics on this side of the channel and theirs constantly finding reasons to delay the UK leaving the EU until they can find an excuse to  put a nail in the works.

“It took nine months to trigger Article 50, for reasons I’ve never yet worked out. We were then told, once it was triggered, ‘Just wait another two years; it’ll all be fine’,” Farage declared.

“Now we’re told, wait another two years ‘after that’, and I worry, with the complete lack of vision that this government’s got, that at the end of that two or three year period, we’ll be told ‘Well, we just need a few more years’. He went on to say.

“Let’s be clear: we’ve had the arguments over trade, tariffs, borders — that was what the referendum was about. It was settled,” Farage explained.

Farage is right about everything he has said. The 17.4 million Brexiteers did not vote for a transitional period, they did not vote for European Court of Justice to go on dictating laws to us in our own country, they did not vote to continue mass unchecked immigration into their country, and we certainly did not vote to carry on paying money or give them a 40 billion pound bribe to let us leave.


UK Government desperately needs to hold a Public Enquiry into ‘Saudi Arabia’s’ funding of Islamic Extremism in the UK

We call upon the British government to hold a full-blown public enquiry into the Gulf States irresponsible funding of Islamic extremism/ terror in the UK, according to the think-tank the Henry Jackson Society & all of us here at Patriotic People’s Populist Media.

The report conducted by the Henry Jackson Society said “In the UK this funding has primarily taken the form of endowments to mosques and Islamic
educational institutions, which have in turn played host to extremist preachers and the distribution of extremist literature. Influence has also been exerted through the training of British Muslim religious leaders in Saudi Arabia, as well as the use of Saudi textbooks in a number of the UK’s independent Islamic schools.”

The think-tank also went on to say “The kingdom’s 60-year campaign to export hardline Wahhabi Islam has led to support for mosques and Islamic institutions that appear to have links to extremism” obviously talking about Saudi Arabia.

The report does not exclusively blame Saudi Arabia for the funding of Islamic extremism in the UK, it went on to say “The Qatari funded al-Muntada Trust, there appear
to be significant links. The trust is not only financed by Qatar but in 2013 the UK branch held its annual conference in Doha. The trust has been connected with a number of mosques where radicalisation has taken place. Specifically, in the case of a group of young British men from Cardiff, it has been suggested that attendance at the al-Muntada linked al-Manar Mosque was significant in their radicalisation and decision to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State.”

In Austria the foreign funding of mosques has been banned.

Even Labour MP, Dan Jarvis said “This report from the Henry Jackson Society sheds light on what are extremely worrying links between Saudi Arabia and the funding of extremism here in the UK.”

Theresa May’s four-point plan to end extremism & defeat terror 

  1. Tougher sentences for terror offences
  2. Less tolerance of extremism
  3. Holding online social media giants to account
  4. Reinforce British values

Foreign funding for Islamic Extremism in the UK seems to come from three states in the Gulf in particular Iran, Qatar & Saudi Arabia so why aren’t we placing massive sanctions on these countries? And exposing them for the terrorist sympathisers they really are.

The author of the report Tom Wilson said “There is a clear and growing link between foreign funding of Islamist extremism and the violent terrorism we have witnessed across the UK and Europe.

“The key now is to get ahead of the issue and find out the full extent of what has been going on. A public inquiry would go some way to informing the debate.

“While entities from across the Gulf and Iran have been guilty of advancing extremism, those in Saudi Arabia are undoubtedly at the top of the list.

“Research indicates that some Saudi individuals and foundations have been apparently heavily involved in exporting an illiberal, bigoted Wahhabi ideology.”

Britain’s policy makers unfortunately are square pegs in a round hole when it comes to tackling issues like this, but this is not something we can ignore and hope goes away because it will not. USA, Austria & France have all made different measures in the past to stump foreign organisations or governments funding extremism and mosques so why the hell hasn’t Britain? We have heard very little about this since January, 2016 when former Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledged that there
is a problem of Saudi funded education programmes in the UK that may be responsible for promoting Islamist extremism. But since then almost nothing… The government’s in Europe and the West need to start taking Gulf States funding hard-line religious indoctrination in our countries which leads to a radical fifth-column in our countries who want nothing more then to destroy us and our culture.

Theresa May if you are reading this, which I doubt you are please address the problem with the Gulf States funding Islamic extremism in the UK before we end up with varied Islamic terrorist factions in the UK like there is in Syria and hold a full-blown public enquiry into it.

Violent Explosion at Stockholm Train Station, Multiple Injuries

A violent explosion took commuters by surprise at Stockholm’s Vårby Gård station injuring two people, leaving one of them seriously injured.

The cause of the violent explosion is unknown, but it’s thought to be a hand grenade.


A commuter picked up the object and it subsequently exploded.

A spokesman from the Police said  “Police patrols have encountered a person injured in what is believed to be an explosion.

“After talking to a person who was in the company of the injured party, it appears that the explosion was caused by an object from the ground.”

The Police bomb squad is in the area and it’s on lock down.

It’s all a bit confusing to be honest a spokesman from the police claimed it was not related to terror… Violent explosion, after violent explosion in Sweden and nobody has any real answers or solutions. Sweden, Europe & the West needs to start taking Radical Islamic terrorism seriously and tackle it if we stand any chance of ending this religious war we never started.

Police in Hamburg set to Deploy Mass Network of Cameras to Prevent New Year’s Sex Attacks

Police in the German city of Hamburg are set to place a ranged mix of camera’s, vehicle cameras, plus officer body cameras in an attempt to stamp out vile sexual assaults and identify any who carry out these disgraceful sex attacks on New Year’s eve.

Cameras have been placed on major thoroughfares in Hamburg just before the New Year’s eve festive celebrations, and that’s also including Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn Street. Ralf Martin Meyer the Police Commissioner made a few comments on the cameras “Video surveillance in these locations will help deter potential perpetrators from committing crimes,” reported by Die Welt.

Just last year, Hamburg was set upon by vile people preying on around 400 women & girls on New Year’s Eve, the police were rightfully criticised for that fact that, though they were large in numbers, many sexual attackers were never even identified.

Breitbart London & other news site in the UK reported that Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart & Dusseldorf were also plagued by vile sex attackers last New Year’s Eve as well.

REPORTEDLY the police in Hamburg and other German cities were forced into looking at photographs taken by people partying to help them identify the sex attackers, but they are hopeful new camera technology will allow them to identify these sex attackers more easily.

The G20 riots in the city of Hamburg earlier this year demonstrated that the police were able to identify many of these political rioters and bring them to the justice of court proceeding and they are confident they will have similar success this New Year’s eve.

German police have had to seriously increase security in all major cities due to the sex attacks in Cologne in 2015.

The festive celebrations that took place last year in Cologne saw fewer violence & sex attacks, but the police were accused of ‘Racially Profiling’ Africans in an unfair manner – even though in 2015 and many other New Year’s Eve celebrations the attackers have been described as migrants by many of the victims of these attacks.

Political Correctness gone mad!

Marine Le Pen makes comeback after Presidential election loss, wins her first ever Seat

Euro-sceptic Marine Le Pen is elected to the French Parliament for the first time. After she won her seat in the National Assembly.

It’s been a difficult election for a lot of the parties now that Emmanuel Macron’s  globalist, EU loving movement is set to be a dominant force in the new parliament.

FN leader, Marine Le Pen has tasted victory in the Pas-de-Calais and will be able to serve by pushing for border controls & Frexit.

Only a month ago FN leader, Marine Le Pen faced off against Macron for presidency of France.



Riotous London: Man Stabbed to Death in Broad Daylight in Southall

Yet another man has been murdered in our capital city in Southall, London, how can anyone deny that London is completely out of control?

Unfortunately the 26-year-old man pronounced dead at the scene  in Halliday Square at around 4PM.

Scotland Yard has launched a murder investigation and a 39-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the murder and has been reportedly taken into custody.

London is plagued by an imported hard drug-pushing gang sub-culture and it has caused people young and old to be sick enough to use them during the day and they have little or no regard for human life. Lack of police officers on patrol, on-going police cuts and lenient sentences for heinous crimes do not help the crisis the capital is going through.

Why does London Mayor, Sadiq Khan do nothing while the people of London suffer?



Petition Started: To Abolish Foreign Aid Target

A petition has been set-up  attempting to make the government abolish the foreign aid target of 0.7% GDP. Currently 47,281 people have added their signatures to the petition, if the petition hits 100,000 signatures it might be debated in Parliament.

The petition reads : “The Government currently spends 0.7% GDP on Foreign Aid. This means it will spend over £13bn of taxpayers’ money on projects which could be better spent at home. By 2020 this figure will have risen to almost £16bn. We believe the Government should abolish the 0.7% GDP target for Foreign Aid.”

In the icy cold month of December, Over 400,000 more young children and 300,000 more old age pensioners were living in poverty then there were 4-years ago, it’s disgraceful that 128,000 children woke up without a home on Christmas day in Britain. All this while our government hands away untold billions every single year.

the situation has become so dire in some communities that schools had to hand out shoes to students and do washing for parents because they didn’t have the money or facilities at home. Scarily some got Rickets which is usually associated with malnourishment. One doctor had this to say to ITV:  “You would not expect to see this in a developed nation.”

In the month of January, there were announcements that thousands of operations had been cancelled and they were turning away cases they deemed weren’t urgent from A&E as the NHS could not handle the numbers. veteran LBC broadcaster said:   “The NHS is getting the thick end of £3bn-a-week. I don’t think all the money that goes in is well spent. But this crisis is unprecedented. Tens of thousands of operations cancelled. Senior doctors will be at the doors of A&E unites across England and Wales to turn away non-urgent patients.

“But then we have £13bn sitting in a fund to providing contraceptive clinics in Malawi but we haven’t got enough to look after patients in Stoke, am I the only one that thinks this is completely insane?”

Wouldn’t it be great if the UK government could completely abolish foreign aid and spend it on sensible and practical things like our armed forces, the NHS, the borders, school and much more! This petition needs 100,000 signatures by next month to enter parliament for debate. You can sign the petition here.